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A few days ago while scrolling through Facebook, I noticed a video of a woman describing the details of what happens in a "late term abortion" procedure. I don't want to go into detail because to me it's absolutely sickening, but for those who are unaware of what this means, a late term abortion is the termination of a pregnancy in the third trimester. In the same week, I read an article where women were told to "Shout Their Abortion." Whenever I saw this, my heart was enraged, broken and saddened knowing there were people who truly believed this was okay. Abortion is a controversial issue that has caused division in our nation since 1973. As a Christian, I will not judge anyone for their stance on this controversial issue, but respectively, I also will not back down on mine. With that being said, after coming across this video, here's something my heart would like to share with you.

A voice is something we often take for granted. Our voices are used in conversation to express our emotions. We use our voices to create the beautiful sound of laughter. We use our voices to sing praises to our Heavenly Father and we use those same voices to shout in anger when things in life just don't make sense. We cry out our most heartfelt and broken prayers all using our voices. Our voices let people know who we truly are. We say with words the feelings that our hearts often can’t express. In life, our voice is important. We cannot fathom losing the right to use our own voice. There is someone that has lost that right. They’ve lost every right to laugh and cry. They’ve lost every right to share her hurts and pains with anyone. They’ve lost every right to ever make a difference in the world. They’ve lost every right to use her voice. That someone is an aborted baby.

Every day, millions of innocent infant lives are taken by the one person who is supposed to love them the most, their mother. A mother who pays a price to end the precious life inside her. A mother who creates and carries life in her womb only to the precious life inside of her ripped apart and destroyed. Abortion should be defined as the modern day holocaust. Since 1973, women have been given the option of paying hundreds of dollars for the legal killing of her unborn child. In America, 1.3 million unborn babies are aborted each year simply because they are “unwanted.”

I knew you even before you were conceived. Jeremiah 1:4-5

From the time we are conceived, not only are we known by the Lord, but a special plan has been created just for us. Every person that you encounter has a special purpose that only they can fulfill. Each time a decision is made to abort a baby, we are interfering and destroying the life and plan that God has specifically for that child. When the decision is made to abort a child, we lose who he or she was meant to be. We could be taking the life of a doctor who finds the cure for cancer. We could be taking the life of an individual who would eventually to have the potential to do so many incredible things as well as someone who could change the world. We're taking the life of children who would grow into people who could make a difference somewhere or somehow in his or her lifetime.

When we look back and think about how precious and beautiful life is, it is hard to imagine that we take that away from and innocent child. We take away the opportunity for a child to follow out the plan God has created just for them. We take away the sweet, sweet purpose that our babies are meant to live and carry out. In our society today, we place more value on our lives than the life of a future child.

I am completely aware that there are circumstances that happen that are so unfortunate that we have absolutely no control over. I know that this is a sensitive issue and it should be. We should be very sensitive on the "issue" of the termination of unborn children. There are so many arguments on when we should consider a fetus a human. As I have written above, God knew and loved us before we were conceived, which to me, means that once conceived, life begins. While you may believe what you believe on this topic based on "science" or "facts", I have my beliefs based on what I have been told by my Heavenly Father. At every stage, each life is beautiful. My hopes for this article is to bring awareness and reminders to readers on how precious, sacred, and beautiful life really is at every stage.

Imagine hearing that little heartbeat. Imagine looking at the ultrasound screen, seeing your child move her little hands and feet. Then suddenly, her heartbeat stops and her hands and feet slowly stop moving unexpectedly. Panicking, tears fill your eyes as you slowly start to see the life you have carried inside you for nine months slowly fade away. You have lost the one thing which you have prayed the hardest about.

Now, imagine being inside your mother's womb, surrounded by warmth and comfort, feeling so safe and secure. Then suddenly, you are being pulled, tugged and suctioned, feeling the worst pain you've ever felt and will ever know in your short time of living. Every ounce of life you once had in you is being forcefully taken away. Then, you realize it is by the one person with which you felt the safest with.

"A person is a person no matter how small." — Dr.Seuss, Horton Hears A Who!"

No matter what your beliefs are, I hope this article got you thinking. Although I know it's a long shot, I hope that someday I'll be able to see a nation where the lives of unborn children are completely protected rather than just something to be considered.

“I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” – Ronald Reagan
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