Do you feel like your semester is lacking culture? Do you feel like you want to explore the unknown fashion scene that lurks in Blacksburg? Do you not have plans THIS Thursday?

Virginia Tech's Fashion Merchandising and Design Society is slaying Squries Commonwealth Ballroom with their annual fashion show, "Enchanted."

Inspired by the balance of bohemian magic and dark fairytales, this show will make you feel like you are witnessing Blacksburg's very own fashion week. You will be mesmerized with the 31 student designers and 33 models that will be showing their pieces, showcasing the diversity and influence that the fashion designers of Virginia Tech have to offer.

Not to mention, the fashion show will feature fashion from the local boutiques.

Tickets will be available at the door for $7, and $10 for VIP tickets, with doors open at 7:30. The walk is from 8-9pm on April 12th. While you wait for the high fashion to commence, you can visit ThriftEd Mag, Clinique, and off.y.bee booths.

Come out and support a great group of designers and slay your own runway.