Yes, I'm one of many people who were heartbroken when Vine ended last January. For years, Vine made us laugh so hard we cried and it has brought some pretty interesting people to the forefront of our Instagram explore pages. Vine is by far the most relatable social media platform that has ever existed! For all of you college students who are anxiously awaiting Vine's big brother, V2, here's a little throwback that we can all relate to.

1. Pre-Med

Honestly, what else would pre-med be?

credit: Isa

2. Historic Preservation

They inevitably care about every single detail of everything that's ever been built, but they know how to joke about the details too.

credit: Drew Gooden

3. Business

Always trying to make a buck...

credit: Evan Breen

4. Communications

Word choice, spacing, and punctuation are important.

credit: Gasoleen

5. Psychology

At least they're being honest when they tell you what's wrong with you.

credit: Lil Gute

6. Education

Education majors are literally only education majors because they hate the education system and want to fix it. Trust me, I know.

credit: Quensadilla


When they're not talking about how much homework they have, they're definitely throwing around words like electrolytes and trying to do some wild experiments in their dorms.

credit: Eh Bee

8. Sociology

They know all about why people act the way they do, so obviously they're going to have some pretty awesome advice.

credit: J-Ro

9. Musical Theatre

This needs no explanation.

credit: regaljoe

10. Economics

These are the same kids who made PowerPoints to convince their parents to take them on vacation.

credit: Josh Kennedy

11. Political Science

Again, what can you say?

credit: Stephen Pendleton

12. Foreign Language

The best thing about being friends with foreign language majors is watching them try to create authentic accents while learning new words.

credit: Fabibaby

13. Music Theory

All forms of art can work together.

credit: CaLLamvr

14. Women and Gender Studies

Let's go, girls!

credit: Eve C

15. Public Health

They may go a little bit overboard sometimes, but their hearts are always in the right place.

credit: Hassan S. Ali

16. Hospitality and Tourism Management

You have to start somewhere!

credit: Adam Perkins

17. Pre-Law

Practice makes perfect.

credit: WeaklingChris

18. Culinary Arts

These are the beloved dorm chefs.

credit: unknown (original vine was removed from

19. Exercise Science

Using milk jugs as weights, the deli meats as punching bags, and the kix...

credit: Liza Koshy

20. Dance

Everything is a performance.

credit: harmony.

21. Religious Studies

Jesus is everywhere!

credit: yup dats me

22. Music

Music can have lots of different interpretations...

credit: bms

And then there's all of us

When you have three papers due, two exams tomorrow, and absolutely no motivation to go on...

credit: Jesse McLaren

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Special thanks to Kendall Phillips and Luke Bagwell for helping me find the perfect Vines.