Vine was funny, relatable, and quotable. We all miss Vine... Admit it, you do! Read on to get a blast of nostalgia from your favorite app.

1. Re-watching the same vines

I bet you've gone to Youtube typed in "vine" to watch your favorite Vines over and over again. At least, that's what I do!

2. Quoting

"You better stop", "I'm in my mum's car", "Welcome to Chili's", "What up, I'm Jared", and so many more!

3. Everything was better

It's 2015 again and Vine is around. Life is good.

4. 7 seconds

One quality of Vine that I loved was the length of each video. They were short, simple, and to the point.

5. Vine on Twitter

Whenever I'm on Twitter and see a thread of Vines, I can't help but watch.

And they always get the most retweets.

6. The legacy

Even though Vine has been gone for some time now, it's still mentioned or talked about almost every day. Remember Keek, the app that was similar to Vine? Didn't think so. No app will ever maintain this much popularity after being removed from the internet for years.