Since beginning my college career at Villanova, I have noticed that some of the most absurd names, events, and slang have become a part of my everyday life. Here are 10 things that are only normal to freshmen at Villanova!!

1. South Campus

Living on South is like living in a small neighborhood separated from main campus. All freshmen live on South (besides the few unfortunate souls who have to live in Moriarty or O'Dwyer). Although it is a far walk from anything relevant on campus, you will most likely be able to escape the Freshman 15 with all those steps!

2. The Spit

Although it is probably not the best name for a dining hall, the Spit is one of the best places to eat on campus. All of the dining halls on campus are referred to as "the pit", and for those of us who aren't fellow Wildcats, the Spit stands for the south pit. Make sense? Probably not.

3. Holy Grounds

Okay, this isn't just a freshmen thing. Unfortunately, we don't have a Starbucks on campus, but we do have a Holy Grounds (and it's a close second). When attending a Catholic university, would you expect anything less than a name like Holy Grounds to get your morning coffee?

4. Day of Service

Every year, the entire school gets together to participate in community service around the Philadelphia area. For freshmen, you get to reunite with your orientation group and bond (even more) with some good ole service.

5. Father Peter

This is also not an exclusive freshmen thing, but he's too important not to mention. Father Peter is more than a priest, he's our university's President! If you are a Villanovan, you most likely have a deep appreciation for Father Peter. Besides being a campus celebrity, he also gives killer speeches at all school events (and will probably make your parents cry on freshmen move-in day and graduation).

6. Having class in Tolentine

NOBODY ever wants a class in Tolentine. The classrooms are small, there are only two single-person bathrooms, and walking up four flights of stairs for an 8:30 class is never fun. Unfortunately, as a freshman, you are going to have a lot of classes here, so you better get used to it!

7. "Walk sign is on"

For anyone who goes to Villanova, this phrase probably rings a bell. This is the sound of the pedestrian walk sign on Lancaster Avenue. As a freshman living on South, you are probably going to end up crossing this busy street at least 10 times a day, so you will become very familiar with this iconic voice.

8. Good Counsel sinks

As a freshman, you want to live in Good Counsel. Why? Because this is the only dorm on campus that has sinks in the room! Although this may not sound like a big deal, having a personal sink 5 feet away from your bed is the most ideal when you have to wash your hands, brush your teeth, make Easy Mac etc.

9. Late Night

Late Night is one of the best parts of living on South. From 8 pm to 12 am students can order mac and cheese, fries, pizza, chicken nuggets, and any other deep fried food you can imagine. Although the food is amazing, it definitely doesn't help with the freshmen 15!

10. Horrible registration times

When it's time to register for classes, freshmen are given the last possible dates to sign up. Getting the leftover classes that nobody wants, leaves freshmen with a lot of 8:30 classes. Get used to waking up bright and early kids!!