Why Video Games Are My Pastime of Choice

Why Video Games Are My Pastime of Choice

They certainly take more focus than that TV.

Video games, for me, have been the pastime of choice for my entire life. Ever since I was a little guy I have been glued to a screen of some type. I found the stories fascinating, the characters larger than life and the difficulty appealing. Here was another world (or worlds) I could get lost in and thoroughly enjoy myself. I may not be able to go on a wild quest of adventure with my companions in tow, but the person I played definitely could. Video games have done something for me that most other things in life could never do. Perhaps the most important thing out of it all: The games let me escape from the world around me completely for however short or long a period of time.

If I am stressed out, these games let me blow off steam in a way that I otherwise could not. They take my mental focus off what is causing me to panic and worry. I end up putting my entire thought process and focus onto playing the video game and trying to accomplish what it wants me to. Nothing else invades my mind and although I am completely absorbed by the game, my mind is at peace. Having only a singular thought in my mind and no others barging their way in is the closest I usually come to bliss.

When I am down, video games are there to help pick me back up. While I usually don't play games in a bad mood because I get angry quickly, it can definitely help blow off some steam. It's the singular thought process video games bring me coming around again to help level off my mood.

Hell, if I am in a good mood video games are even better. I can really dig deep into the story/game I am playing and enjoy it that much more. The same game I played unsuccessfully when I was in a irritable mood is now enjoyably successful.

One thing most people over look is that video games are increasing more social as technology develops. My favorite game is League of Legends. There are literally millions of people who play this game, and you have to communication and cooperate with everyone on your team to achieve victory. My friends and I are on Skype most of the time to achieve better communication. We chat about the game, how our days are going while waiting to play a game and share in the overall joys of the game together. Also, the social aspect helps lift people, including myself, out of bad moods. It's hard to stay grumpy when you have three or more people in a call on Skype trying to cheer you up.

So when you see your friend/child/spouse playing a video game, don't rag on them for it. It's not immature to find a positive way to relieve stress and the events of the day (except when playing to excess, of course). I'd much rather have my friend or child playing a video game than spending hour in front of the TV. Your brain has to be working harder at that game than droning through a TV series, right?

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10 Signs You Have High 'Fun Uncle' Potential

Honestly, not everyone is cut out to be a father.

I was introduced to the saying you have "Fun Uncle" potential recently. Apparently, it's the nice way of saying I probably would be the best father. Yet, here I am totally embracing my "Fun Uncle" potential. Here is a list of qualities which I think will help you figure out if you too are on the right track of being a fun uncle.

1. Habit of Tossing Kids for Fun

Honestly, I don't know what's wrong with tossing kids in the air they really love it.

2. Have Mini Me Thoughts

I feel as though fathers probably think more of their children than just reincarnates of themselves.

3. Expect a Limited Amount of Time

If you find yourself looking forward to the end of your time with a kid, probably shouldn't have one anytime soon

4. Never Really Changed a Diaper

I just kinda find the closest person with this particular skill set.

5. Talk to Kids Like an Adult

The baby talk thing is degrading for me and I believe for the baby also

6. Carry a Baby More Like a football

Apparently, there is a proper way to hold a child. I 100% sure it isn't the way I hold them.

7. Television Babysitting

Honestly, best life hack ever is to put Nick Jr on and not have to do anything else.

8. Unable to Say No

I feel as though if a child has the audacity to ask to have ice cream for dinner who am I to say no?

9. Television Learning

This is different from television babysitting, because instead of Nick Jr they would be watching PBS kids.

10. Buyer's Remorse

There is always that moment when you question why you even wanted your own child in the first place.

There you have it. If you guilty of any of these 10 childcare "sins" you probably lean more towards fun uncle than father. Maybe it is the lack of maturity or... nope, it is definitely the lack of maturity.

Cover Image Credit: tornatore / Flickr

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8 Reasons Having A Sister Equals Having A Lifelong BFF

She'll love you forever and ever, even if you steal her clothes.

Not gonna lie, my sister and I used to fight CONSTANTLY. Granted, she's 8 years younger than me so when I was 16 and she was 8, we really didn't have much in common.

Now that we're both older and have both endured the rough middle school years, she and I have so much more in common. My sister cracks me up, she is even more dramatic than I was at that age but knows how to dish out sass like nobody's business. She is way more confident than even I am now and has no problem being herself.

When I was younger, I had no idea what a blessing it was to have a little sister, but now that I'm older, and we're both way cooler, I am so lucky to have her.

1. She's a lifelong best friend

My sister and I text so much and she tells me all about the drama going on at school. I love hearing her talk about her friends and the new boy she's crushing on. I tell her all about my boy drama too and tell her everything I could never tell our mom.

2. Two girls means double the clothes

My sister and I both grew really fast which means that we've been able to wear each other's clothes since she was about 10. I never bring clothes with me when I come home for the weekend because I think "eh, I'll just wear hers." Consequently, it's not uncommon for me to go looking for something and to find it (along with lots of other things of mine) in her closet.

3. She's the perfect soundboard

Although she's young, growing up with an older sister has made my sister wise beyond her years. She's so mature and sometimes says things that completely blow me away. For this reason, she's a great person to get advice from and has no problem telling me when I'm being absolutely ridiculous or when I need to stand up for myself.

4. She'll always make you laugh

Like I said, my sister's sassy. She can dish it out like nobody else. She also is really funny and such a middle schooler, which I can appreciate.

5. She'll always teach you something...

Because my sister is younger than me, she is all caught up on every new technology. She showed me how to work the new Snapchat update and is the one who has to tell me what the emojis mean when you have a snap streak.

6. ... and you'll be able to teach her things too.

Who do you think taught her how to apply mascara?? (hint: me)

7. She'll hype you up more than even your BFFs do

When you post a fire Instagram post, she'll be the first to like or comment and when you look good for a night out she'll let you know. My sister always tells me when I'm looking cute and when my makeup is A+ work.

8. Most of all, she'll love you forever and ever. Even when you steal her clothes.

Love you so much li'l sis! Hope you read this and cry <3

Cover Image Credit: Carsen McCune

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