Video Games Aren't As Destructive As We Think — Here's Why
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Video Games Aren't As Destructive As People Make Us Think — Here's Why They REALLY Aren't Harmful

Video games get a bad reputation, but are they really as bad as everyone would like us to think?

Video Games Aren't As Destructive As People Make Us Think — Here's Why They REALLY Aren't Harmful

There is a narrative in society, and especially with parents, that video games are bad. You almost certainly have heard, either first hand or by way of story, a parent tells their kid to get off the game because "it will rot their brain!" While they are justified in some aspects, the reality is that certain types of video games can actually be quite beneficial.

To deliver the bad news first, the stereotypes around video games are rooted in some reality.

The idea that video games "rot your brain" comes from studies that have shown a loss in grey matter with people who play a significant amount of action games, like Call of Duty.

According to an article on, a study done by an associate professor of psychiatry at McGill University shows that "After 90 hours of playing first-person shooter games," there is "'statistically significant' grey matter loss in the hippocampus."

This has negative implications on mental health: making you more susceptible to neuropsychiatric diseases like depression.

This can be problematic in younger kids whose brains are still developing, but that is why these games are always rated 17 and up.

The addictive nature of video games along with having to stare at a screen for the length of the time you play the game are additional reasons to be concerned.

However, the concerns are heavily outweighed by the benefits.

In fact, the aforementioned study only looks at action video games, and more specifically first-person shooting games. Although that is a popular genre, it is only one in an expansive library of different kinds of games.

To pigeonhole all gaming into a violent mess of gore and gunfire would be doing it a fundamental disservice. You would be missing out on a game like League of Legends which requires high-level strategy, or a game like Animal Crossing which gives you a chill escape into a fantasy town after a long day.

This is where video games really excel.

The diversity of not only the type of game but the skills taught through playing is incredible.

Playing online with your friends can help build friendships and allow you to keep in touch. You can get new music from a game with a soundtrack or learn new words and concepts from a game with a compelling story and well-written dialogue.

Even the gory, action-filled games like Call of Duty sometimes require strategy and knowledge of the so-called "META", or Most Effective Tactics Available, to win you games.

Learning to communicate and focus on games requiring it is an important skill applicable to other branches of life.

They can also serve as stress relievers if you need a break from the real world.

Although our parents would like us to believe it, video games as a whole are not significantly harmful.

Certain games come with the risk that you should be aware of, but it is important to know what games you or your kid are playing before telling them to stop.

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