Netflix decided to give everyone a special gift this November and they added "Victorious" to Netflix!

After all of the shows that have been leaving or ending, this is a serious sight for sore eyes, and Twitter is talking all about it.

While most people are excited that Netflix finally added a quality TV show from our childhood, others are adding their two-sense about what they believe needs to be added as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is little to no chance that we'll be getting any Disney Channel shows with the new Disney Plus coming out this month, but we can still root for more Nickelodeon shows!

I mean, maybe this is just Netflix's way of easing us into the Nickelodeon shows. If they added more popular shows like "iCarly" or "Drake and Josh" right off the bat, the internet, Netflix, and the whole world might just short circuit. Hopefully, we'll be getting more exciting shows like those in the future though... Netflix if you're reading this, KEEP IT UP!

Really, go, get off this article, start watching. If the show does well on Netflix, maybe more things will be added and then we will have every excuse to be glued to our TVs as we relive the best moments of our childhood over and over again.

Also, while you're at it, get on Twitter. The more feedback this release gets, the better chances we have of getting more shows! Put #NetflixNeedsMoreNickelodeon on your Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, get the word out, let Netflix know that we want more, and before you know it we'll have so many shows, there will be nothing left to do but turn to your friend and say...