Let Your System Vent So You Don't Get Overheated By Your Problems

We'll start with an obvious statement: Life is a stressful mess.

I find myself constantly overwhelmed by a plethora of problems that are either too big for constant attention or too small to keep organized. They crowd around in my brain, vying for some kind of acknowledgment or solution, but I just don't have the time to fix every single issue the instant it comes up. Some things have to be put aside. Some need to sit before they can be dealt with. A lot of things can't be fixed at all and we just have to live with them being there.

How do you cope with all of the anxiety and distress these problems cause?: By venting out the steam from that tired and overworked brain of yours!

This is guaranteed to work almost 99.99% of the time. Steam has been scientifically proven to damage brains and make them less functional, so by releasing emotional stress out of your mouth, you're doing yourself a huge favor. If you don't let it out, it's just going to linger there and make your system overheat. From there, it'll either shut down or explode. This, for obvious reasons, isn't nearly as appealing.

Machinery metaphors aside, venting is honestly such a good way to let go of the things that are really gnawing away at you. Keeping things to yourself might seem like the noble thing to do, but it doesn't help you at all. If you keep all of your thoughts and emotions locked away from the people around you, they may cling to your psyche and refuse to go away.

Maybe venting won't make everything better, and maybe it won't make you forget what you're going through, but it'll at least free up a little space in your mind for better things to enter.

Not everyone likes to vent, and I can understand why. It can be hard to open up about your problems. Not everything that happens in your life is made for other people to know about. At least, it can feel that way. It can feel like things are too personal, or it can feel like telling someone else would burden them in some way. That's why open communication is so important.

Not every bad thing can be vented, and that's okay. Not every person wants to be vented to, and that's okay. We set boundaries for ourselves and for the people around us to make sure that everyone feels respected.

Venting is an amazing treatment for sadness and anxiety, but if it doesn't feel like the person you're talking to is understanding or hearing you, it can be extremely hurtful. You may also feel hurt when it seems like the only reason someone talks to you is to vent. It's important to talk to the people around you and find out what you're both comfortable with. That way both of your needs can be met and the relationship can be more fulfilling.

It's also important to keep the important people in your life updated on what's going on. You might not divulge every single incident, but as I've said, open communication is everything.

The people who care for you will care for you much better if they know what state of mind you're in.

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