'Venom' Vitriol: The Marvel Movie With Divided Views
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'Venom' Vitriol: The Marvel Movie With Divided Views

The Marvel and Sony movie "Venom" has a creature that seems larger than life, but the divide it has caused between critics and audience members seems even larger.

'Venom' Vitriol: The Marvel Movie With Divided Views

Marvel movies have been doing amazingly well these past few years. From "Spider-Man Homecoming" to "Avengers: Infinity War" to even "Deadpool 2" it is no secret that the Marvel brand has been bringing high-quality content to the viewing public. In response, both critics and audience members have had good things to say. Marvel movies are nicely paced, hilarious, and bring both elements of action and drama. They are well-made movies that have received praise from both the common crowd and from a critical and analytical standpoint. However, 2018 has brought about a new contender in Marvel's movie boxing ring. Though produced under Sony, Venom was a highly anticipated movie because it featured an interesting Marvel character, the symbiote Venom.

Fans of the character and of Marvel, in general, flocked to the theater to see if the hype was worth the wait. Slowly behind them, film critics trudged along, reading to judge and critique. Everyone sat down in the theater and readied themselves for a new cinematic experience that sometimes only Marvel movies could bring. The movie played and ended, the lights coming on at the end of the screening. Both critics and fans alike left the theater together, but it would seem that their viewpoints strayed where their footsteps followed. The reaction to this movie was split down the middle: overall the fans loved the movie while the majority of critics thought that the movie was subpar.

What do we do with a movie that the audiences loved but the critics hated?

Well, the most logical thing to do would be to look at the film itself from both angles. From an audience standpoint, I can definitely see where the love comes from. The movie at times feels like a comic book interaction. The story, while not making the most sense at times, is still comprehensible and can be a lot of fun once Venom is introduced formally into the plot. Venom's interactions with the main character, Eddie Brock, are fun to listen to and experience. Plus, the animation isn't too bad either; it is just cartoony enough to remind audiences that this indeed is a comic book movie.

Overall, this movie has a good deal going for it. It is silly enough to remind us what movie's are all about: fun. Watching a movie is an exhilarating and fun experience. You get to inhabit the bodies of countless characters and go on adventures never before thought possible. Though it seems cliché, watching a movie is like a roller coaster ride and this movie definitely likes to take its audience members on a wild ride they won't soon forget. Venom is overall a fun movie because it acknowledges the roller coaster ride and thus we are able to appreciate its loops and top speeds without worrying.

Though I acknowledge that this movie is supposed to be just a fun experience, that doesn't mean that I can't see the fundamental flaws with this movie. The villain of the movie is predictable and slightly one dimensional; he doesn't have much a personality outside of his evil plan and most of his motivation and exposition is told to us instead of shown. The dialogue within the movie had instances where it sounded forced, hollow, and lifeless. One could almost see Tom Hardy reading from a script instead of inhabiting the role of Eddie Brock. And I would be lying if I said the pacing was absolutely flawless; there are instances where character and motivation are not fully established and a lot of focus is placed on a human day to day interactions instead of on the action scenes actually containing Venom. The pacing is confused on whether it should center on Venom or the human characters and it definitely shows within this movie.

So there are two sides to the ongoing argument between critics and film audiences. One side hates it while the other adores it. Who is right? Well, I think that the world of cinema and just life, in general, can not be so black and white. Both sides, both shades, are just as appealing and to choose one over the other would be unfair. Is this movie perfect? Heavens no. I can definitely see why critics had a problem with this film. However, I don't think that should curb one's enjoyment of the movie. If the movie makes you happy and you like it, enjoy it wholly. Don't always let the opinions of others pin you down and dictate your likes and dislikes. Be happy with who you are and what you like; there are two sides to every argument.

Do I really like Venom? No, I can't say that I do completely. However, there are others who enjoy the movie so who am I to fully pass judgment on the overall quality of the film.

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