Meet the vendors behind Downtown Phoenix's weekly farmers market
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Meet the vendors behind Downtown Phoenix's weekly farmers market

The market creates an atmosphere where the community can celebrate all cultures with products inspired from all over the globe

Meet the vendors behind Downtown Phoenix's weekly farmers market
Avery DeHaven

The aroma of fresh flowers fills the air as people walk in every direction carrying baskets of colorful produce and sampling an array of different foods.

The Downtown Phoenix Public Market is where local vendors dedicate their Saturday every week to set up shop and sell a variety of goods.

The market creates an atmosphere where the community can celebrate all cultures with products inspired from all over the globe.

Some visitors have been attending the market since it was established in 2005 and some are newbies who leave the market vowing to never buy from a grocery store ever again.

Most vendors are local to Arizona and family-owned.

Eleanor Dziuk became a vendor over 10 years ago and started selling Absolutely Delightful AZ Honey as a way to teach her children the importance of having a job.

"I started when my children were really little because you can't get them into selling until they are 16 years old. I wanted to teach them how to sell because I figured if they did, they would never be without a job and they are both still with me," said Dziuk.

Customers of the market are able to see exactly where their money is going, by buying fresh local produce it promotes a better environment and supports the farmers who contribute.

"It's the spirit of entrepreneurship and we just feed off each other," said Brandon Ornelas, the owner of Breezy-Pop.

Breezy-Pop is another vendor that offers all-natural popsicles made with no preservatives or food coloring and has been a part of the market for three years.

Coming to the public market is an adventure in itself; it is a place where the community can come together and enjoy all things local.

BAO BAR tent at the Phoenix Public MarketAvery DeHaven

There is music and food trucks to enjoy while you walk around discovering all the products each vendor has to offer.

All the way from New York City, Soraya Medina appreciates the freedom from the corporate world and the support her business, Heavenly Bites, receives from the community.

"This market was the first market we visited when we came to Arizona, and we automatically fell in love," said Medina. "I just love that Arizona is very small business-friendly. Back home you don't have that because everything is all corporations, but here it is mom and pop."

The public market is a year-around treat that offers much more than just fresh produce, there is always a new event to attend.

There is never a dull moment, whether it's yoga or crafting for the kids the market always finds a way to get the community involved.

As much fun as it is for the visitors to attend the market, it is even better for the vendors who get to be a part of it every Saturday.

"I love talking to people, I think it's the best part," said Ornelas.

The market is much more than a fun place to spend your Saturday morning, it is an experience that helps the community.

"This particular market is very beneficial to the area because we specialize in everything local. All of the farmers, everything they produce is from here and that's what we want," said Dziuk.

The Downtown Phoenix Public Market is a one of a kind experience that everyone can enjoy.

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