Quick And Easy Healthy Vegan Meal Prep For College Students
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8 Vegan Meal-Prep Recipes For The Busy College Student

Stay healthy and prepared in school with these inexpensive and quick recipes!

8 Vegan Meal-Prep Recipes For The Busy College Student

The new semester is fast approaching, and that means you're going to be doing things for yourself again, cooking included! Even with dining halls scattered all over campus, you're going to need some food in your dorm that isn't instant ramen or pop tarts. It's all too easy to fall into unhealthy eating habits while you're so busy and stressed. I seriously can't reiterate enough how important it is to stay healthy and fuel your body with what it needs.

We all know that as a student, the time to cook a healthy meal every time hunger creeps up on you simply isn't there. That's why I highly recommend meal prepping! Taking one hour (or less) out of your weekend to ensure you have healthy, nutritious, and yummy meals on hand for the rest of the week is so worth it. Meal prepping doesn't have to be boring or expensive, either!

With vegetables, rice, pasta, and canned chickpeas and beans at the center of most of these recipes, you can make these yummy vegan meals for cheap without spending too much time on each. Without further ado, here are eight of my favorite vegan meal prep recipes.

Curried Chickpea Bowls

From eatingbirdfood.com


This is one of my all time favorite meals! On top of being delicious, this meal is very easy. You can use minute rice in this recipe and swap out avocado oil for coconut or olive oil if you can't find it. I find that I can get about five bowls instead of three, as suggested.

Greek Couscous Salad

From chelseasmessyapron.com


I know, I know....salad. As a vegetarian, I actually resent salads a little bit. But this Greek Couscous Salad will brighten up your day with how colorful and fresh it is! The couscous cooks in five minutes, so don't let that intimidate you. Just chop some veggies, cook the couscous, mix the dressing, and you're good to go. So yummy!

Tempeh Tikka Masala

From eatingbirdfood.com


This Tempeh Tikka Masala is super easy and another one of my favorites. Once your tempeh has marinated, you basically throw all the ingredients in a pan and simmer. Make sure you've cooked some rice for this one beforehand.

Pumpkin Chili with Black Beans and Garbanzo Beans

From juliasalbum.com


Did someone say comfort food? This pumpkin chili is sure to warm you up on those cool fall days that lie ahead. This dish isn't very spicy either, just cozy! For a meal prep option, portion out into a few microwave safe bowls with lids.

Lo Mein Meal Prep

From damndelicious.net


To make this Lo Mein Meal Prep vegan, simply swap out the honey in the sauce in favor of agave! If you're feeling ultra lazy, use a frozen bag of stir fry veggies (which is what I typically do).

Chickpea Salad

From ohsheglows.com


Y'all..... this chickpea salad is heaven sent. Use dill relish for the pickle. You can either eat this plain or make a sandwich out of it with your favorite bread and some spinach. Either way, you'll be glad you made this to have on hand.

8-Minute Pantry Dal

From ohsheglows.com


This recipe is a great recipe if you're in a super-rush. Grab four cups of your favorite veggies, some spices, and rice, and be on your way. Store in microwave safe bowls with lids to make this meal prep, keeping the rice and vegetables in separate bowls to make sure they don't get soggy.

Tofu Burrito Bowl Meal Prep

From thefitchen.com


These burrito bowls are EVERYTHING if you do them up right. I use Gardein Beefless Ground instead of cooking the spiced tofu. Doing this can save you time and ingredients, which then just makes this a matter of assembling! I pretend that I'm making a Chipotle burrito bowl. I serve these over brown rice, and I sauté some onions and green peppers for toppings. Change it up to fit your taste!

So there you have some delicious and healthy meals to keep you going as you jump back into your routine. Please remember to take care of yourselves this semester (and always). Hope you enjoy!

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