For vegans and vegetarians during the holiday season, eating during the holidays can be difficult. The smell of turkey and gravy, the thought of stuffing, and maybe that honey ham are all difficult foods to stay away from during the holidays, especially when it's homemade! But worry no more about succumbing to your meat-eating cravings because I have you covered with these ten tips.

1. Bring your own vegan dish to the holidays.

I usually rely on my mom to make some vegetarian dishes for me but if you don't have someone that nice to you, you can make your own vegan dishes to share with the family. Surprise them with how good vegan food can be. And don't just bring a salad, look up a cool recipe!

2. Make imitation foods!

Certain food brands, such as Quorn, have imitation versions of specific products. Quorn has a "turkey dinner" product I have been wanting to try for awhile!

3. Distract yourself.

You are likely going to be tempted. If you see meat and don't want to eat it, distract yourself. You could look at your phone, talk to a loved one, or simply walk away.

4. Ignore the tempters.

The first holiday I was a vegetarian was brutal. I was asked why I didn't eat the meat when getting food. When I was finished with the meal, I was asked how I liked the meat. I couldn't win!

If you are ever tempted by anything someone says, just realize that they don't understand why you find it important to not eat meat. That doesn't make them a bad person, just a little bit annoying in the moment.

5. Ask your family to - if possible, make certain dishes with meat on the side.

At so many family events, one of my aunts usually makes salad with meat in it. If I could remember to, I would ask whatever aunt is making the salad to please put the meat on the side. If they say no, that's not a big deal; you can go to one of my other tips on how to get through the event!

6. Eat a big meal before you go.

Don't get stuck, like I did, at a family holiday where there was not a single meatless dish. I don't know how this is possible but all I had was pretzels and a piece of pie. Just because you do not eat meat doesn't mean you don't deserve to eat however much you want on the holidays. Make yourself or buy yourself a delicious meal to eat before you go so that you don't have to worry about not having food!

7. Remember that some restaurants are open for afterwards.

Not all restaurants recognize the holidays. Find a restaurant that's open and get some food after the event if you are still hungry from the lack of food.

8. Drink up!

If you aren't eating on the holiday you are likely drinking. Grab some brews or a bottle of night and enjoy the even.

9. Remember that holidays are about more than food.

Holidays are about getting together with loved ones and catching up. They're about showing people you care. The food is just an awesome extra.

10. Throw out my rules and eat the meat.

While you might get physically sick from eating meat or meat products or you will feel bad later, you are already doing a great job by lessening the amount of meat you eat! Cheating one (or more) days a year is not bad so long as its not against your morals.

So there you have it vegheads! Those are ten tips to avoiding meat and meat products this holiday season. You can do this!