Various Phases in Growing and Evolving Relationships
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Various Phases in Growing and Evolving Relationships

Each relationship was a container for evolution, a vehicle for transforming the unloved parts of myself.

Various Phases in Growing and Evolving Relationships

All growing and evolving relationships need a strong foundation called love. Without love, affection and proper understanding relationships cannot thrive. So if you are really aspiring for a strong relationship make sure that your relationship has enough of Love in it. Normally we see many of the relationships heading for a breakup. The main reason for most of the breakups in this world is lack of understanding. All growing and evolving relationships suffer conflict. So you need to have proper understanding and clarity about how conflicts actually hamper most of the relationships.

First of all you need to ask yourself some questions. Are you really in love with the person or are you just there for the sake of the momentary comfort or due to attraction . You need to be very clear in the answer because if you are not in love with the other person then your relationship is not going to go any further. Some of the other day it is going to fall flat. So in all growing and evolving relationships people should be very clear about the exact feelings about the other person in the relationship. You need to accept the other person as he or she is. If you actually come out with lots of conditional clauses about the other person then the relationship is probably going to end up in a breakup instead of becoming stronger. So this is the reason why you need to be very clear about your feelings inside.

Not only that, in all growing and evolving relationships the main thing that one needs to sit and analyze about is conflicts in the day-to-day affairs. If there is any kind of misunderstanding you need to be tolerant towards the other person and not only that, enough of space should be given and taken by both in the relationship. If you are completely suffocating the other person in the relationship, there are chances that the other person might want to escape from this relationship. So ample of space is part and parcel of any growing and evolving relationships. So make sure that the other person is given enough of freedom. Not only that, you need to trust the other person completely and unconditionally. If you actually suspect the other person then there are chances that the other person might feel suffocated in the relationship. So trust factor is also a part of growing and evolving relationships.

To this way there are several factors which are a part of growing and evolving relationships. It is not easy to sustain a relationship and survive for years. A strong foundation is required for that and love is the major element that plays an important role to build a strong foundation. It is really very difficult to accept any body unconditionally but still it is the fact that you need to, if you really want a strong relationship. But it really is worth it because relationship can completely change human being and give a lot of emotional comfort.

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