If 'The Vampire Diaries' Characters Were College Majors

If 'The Vampire Diaries' Characters Were College Majors

How different would the world have been if everyone in "TVD" went to college?

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A show based off of the books by L.J. Smith and creatures of the supernatural, "The Vampire Diaries" has taken teenage girls specifically by storm and it's no surprise considered the cast consists of Ian Somerhalder, Nina Dobrev, and Paul Wesley. Just as important as "TVD" is your college major. See if the character you're most alike matches up with your college major throughout this list and descriptions, so you can know stuff and be yourself (as per Elena Gilbert in episode "Bad Moon Rising")!

Elena Gilbert: Pre-Med

As viewers learn when they finish the show, Elena pursues a medical degree and actually becomes a doctor. What a giving heart, that one.

Stefan Salvatore: Creative Writing

Stefan is an advocate for journaling. He loves reading and writing in general, plus he has a lot of knowledge of authors because of all the years in history he has lived through.

Damon Salvatore: Undecided

Damon has many, many interests. However, whenever prompt to chose just one to spend doing to make money for his ENTIRE LIFE, he can't choose; therefore, he's still undecided.

Bonnie Bennett: Psychology

Bonnie has a beautiful heart and soul. With her psychology degree, she would pursue a career as a counselor and help guide people in their lives.

Caroline Forbes: Elementary Education

Caroline loves kids, especially her kids. She and Alaric went as far as having a supernatural school to protect and teach their children (and others) about what they are and how to keep their impulses and urges under control.

Matt Donovan: Criminal Justice

Like Elena, Matt found his calling within the show and to support his career as Mystic Falls Sheriff, he's going to need the appropriate credentials.

Tyler Lockwood: Physical Education

Tyler would become a P.E. teacher at a school because not only is he invested in sports, but he would be guaranteed nights off and that would come in handy during ~his time of the month~.

Lorenzo St. John: History

More famously known as Enzo, he would be a history major because his sole reason for becoming involved with the Armory was to discover the past of his family and that spoke volumes considering he was supposed to be shallow and conniving.

Kai Parker: Business Management

Let's face it, Kai has a pretty face, but he loves to be in control and boss people around. Business management would be a perfect major for him.

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