Originally, my family and our family friends had brought up the idea of a "girls trip" earlier in the summer. I don't think any of us actually expected it to happen. But the excitement of the possibility kept us determined.

After the idea was brought up, our two families - who have been friends for as long as I can remember - started talking more and more about this trip. We brought up so many ideas of where to go and what we wanted out of this vacation. With things like going to a beach, being close to a town, walking around/shopping in that town and warm weather to think about, we reviewed numerous locations. After some searching, we found St. Simon's Island in Georgia with its charm and somewhat touristy-beach town vibes.

St. Simon's Island was somewhere none of us had been before, but it has so much history and character to it. It's located just across from Jekyll Island, with the area between the two islands called The Golden Isles. If you were to locate any of these areas on a map, it's about an hour north of the Florida-Georgia border and five hours southeast of Atlanta. (Trust me, we drove those five hours - twice.)

While we were on vacation, we walked along the beach, ate delicious food, shopped along the main town area, toured the sea turtle hospital and most of all, we enjoyed each other's company. While this vacation was short, it was a vacation that will hold a special place in my heart for the rest of my life.

Our trip started out on a whim. We don't see the friends we vacationed with too often, so the timing of this vacation was perfect before everyone scattered and went separate ways. Overall, it was an experience that was much needed.

Through a series of hundreds of texts, a dysfunctional-but-successful hour-long phone call, short timing, a lot of memories and excitement, it was a successful vacation - one I will never forget.