If you haven't already heard by now, the USPS will be suspending deliveries today in honor of President Bush's death. Now, I understand that this Bush did make an impact on our nation, I don't quite understand why now all of a sudden we as a society are doing this instead of implementing other tasks that would stand out more. I also don't think that this was properly communicated to everyone, I actually just found out about this news yesterday and it didn't become a trending topic from my knowledge compared to Bush's death.

President Bush was a very influential man, so I do think that other activities that could be on the same playing field as suspending deliveries would be to include more TV specials on how Bush contributed to our world as president. I think this would be more beneficial because it will allow millennials and baby boomers to watch the footage of him throughout the years and to get a better understanding of who he was outside of being president.

I also think that it would be better and more impactful for schools around the nation to include a recent chapter update of presidents and what they did in the past as well as the present because that will help future generations to truly grasp who is and has led our nation.

I found out about Bush's death later on Friday, so I was in the loop a little bit of his death and how everyone was reacting to the news. However, I was not aware of this news for the suspended deliveries that were going to happen in honor of him.

This news should have been out on other platforms online other than the news platforms because sometimes it is hard to see what is trending when it is only in one place. If it would have been more well known, websites for online shopping that we USPS would've been able to put on prior on their website that they wouldn't be receiving their packages until later.

My point is that if we are going to continue to do this in the future, we should not only think about what we should add to our society but as a whole, we should be connected about what is happening in our world with topics such as these. I do think that we will keep up with each other better in the future if we do this.