I bleed out of my vagina once a month. Cool, right?

Not that cool. Well, it kinda is, but that's an article for another day.

I got my period at the age of 12. Since then, I predominantly used tampons. I hated how uncomfortable pads felt, and assumed that tampons were my only option.

It wasn't until I began researching ways I could be more eco-friendly when I stumbled upon the menstrual cup.

It looked... weird. Which is fair, because I had never inserted a small cup into my vagina, so naturally I was a little taken back by the notion.

But then I really did my research on it. I watched countless videos, read many blogs, and looked at the many different types of cups available for use.

And in that research, I also learned how tampons are not actually the greatest thing for your health. Of course, they aren't completely poisonous, but Toxic Shock Syndrome is a pretty serious infection and has the possibility to kill you.

I am trying to make it my goal to be more eco-friendly, and it turns out that tampons are actually polluting our environment more than you could possibly imagine.

In basically all my research, it explained that the cup is an environmentally friendly option for people who menstruate and have the ability to be used for 1-2 years. So even though the initial cost of the cup is more than a box of tampons, in the long run,the cup is significantly less money than other feminine products.

I'll admit, getting used to using my menstrual cup was challenging at first. It was way more personal than I had ever been with myself, and honestly just overall overwhelming. But the first time that I got it in right, I realized how simple the process was and how the cup would be much more convenient.

I highly recommend a menstrual cup to anyone, whether they are looking for an eco-friendly alternative or not. If you have an average flow, you can get away with not emptying the cup for about 12 hours, which is beyond helpful when you are as busy as I am. Periods are already so inconvenient, so using something to make me forget that it's even happening is great.

If you have hesitations about making the switch to the cup, I don't blame you. But I promise that using the cup will be one of the best switches you make. And not only will your wallet be happy, but so will the environment!