20 Reasons I'm Thankful For The Best Friends I've Made In College
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20 Reasons I'm Thankful For The Best Friends I've Made In College

Where have you been all my life?

20 Reasons I'm Thankful For The Best Friends I've Made In College

Coming into college, I was terrified I wouldn't make any friends, let alone people I considered to be my best friends. I seriously thought my only "friends" I'd have in college would be my random roommates (which are technically forced friendships so living isn't so awkward). I thought I wouldn't form friendships as unique and legitimate as the ones I had with my best friends from home. Fortunately, I've found a few special people I'm beyond lucky to call my best friends in college. So I'd like to to say, thank you.

1. Thank you for going out to parties with me and head banging to "Party in the USA" until we get whiplash.

2. Thank you for calling the Uber and getting us both home safely when I'm a little too out of it to do it myself (or even walk a couple feet).

3. Thank you for randomly picking me up for late night Taco Bell runs, In-N-Out runs, or really any greasy fast-food runs. You're the reason my skinny jeans fit me a little too tightly, but also the reason for my happiness.

4. Thank you for driving me places in general because I'm too lazy to or because I don't have a car.

5. Thank you for setting me up with hot dates I could take to my semis and formals when my love life is going dry and I have nobody else to take.

6. Thank you for being the best wing-woman when I'm too scared to talk to the gorgeous, blue-eyed brunette I've been making googly eyes at for the past hour from across the room.

7. Thank you for listening to me cry and vent for hours with ice cream and pizza when I'm upset about another stupid guy.

8. Thank you for watching countless hours of Netflix series with me when we're both too lazy to study for midterms/finals.

9. Thank you for crying with me and basically dying with me during these midterms/finals weeks.

10. Thank you for always making us or buying us coffee to get through these weeks of hell too.

11. Thank you for pre-approving my outfits before we go out or before I drop $50 on a dress I swear would look good on me.

12. Thank you for going to the beach with me whenever I feel like I'm getting a little too pale and eating endless acai bowls.

13. Thank you for being basic b*tches with me and always taking pictures of our acai bowls on the beach.

14. Thank you for just eating a lot in general with me. You don't make me feel uncomfortable or self conscious as I scarf down half this large pizza as you eat the other half.

15. Thank you for motivating me to go to the gym after we start to feel guilty about all the unhealthy food we inhaled.

16. Thank you for going on those random, once-a-year-when-I-feel-inspired-to-run, runs with me.

17. Thank you for letting me send you random videos and memes I find to be hilarious with the caption "that's you" or "that's me" or "that's us."

18. Thank you for murdering the song "Flawless" whenever it comes on the radio with me.

19. Thank you for staying in with me on a Friday or Saturday night when I'm feeling partied out and just snuggling with me and a family-size bag of Cheetos as we watch another movie with Zac Efron in it.

20. Most of all, thank you for making me feel like I've known you my entire life, even if we just met in college. You've taught me that true friendships aren't based on how long you've known each other, but on how much you care for each other. Just because you've known somebody your entire life, doesn't mean they're entitled to being significant in your current life.

True friendships will prosper.

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