I am conflicted, I am torn

I am tired, and I am worn

I’m the Imperfect Boy

What is one supposed to do

When another’s happiness sings a better tune?

When you see them smile and hear a song

But your verse in the song isn’t very long.

I can move the clouds, make the sky transform

But my efforts only dent the large and raging storm

I want to be your general, a soldier bearing arms

But in the war you’re fighting, I can’t protect you from harm

I’m a perfect boy with imperfect timing

I’m an imperfect boy whose emotions are dying

What can I do with all the right tools

When I use them incorrectly like a god damned fool?

I am what you want, this has been made clear

But what is there to do when that is also your fear?

To travel to the future, what I wouldn’t give

Maybe things will be clear and we can finally live

Live in the world that I want now

And the world that you want then.

If I’m here at the wrong time, maybe I should wait

And see if we are meant to be, determined by the Fates

But how is one man supposed to know

If he should hold on to the one he loves

Or, maybe, just let her go?