Moving far away for college can put a lot of strain on the life you've become accustomed to. You can't eat in the same places, you sleep in a new bed, you see new faces and surroundings and, most importantly, you're far away from your best friends. This distance can sometimes end the friendship as you can't stay in contact with them that often; you sometimes won't be able to chat for more than once a month because of your studies and your new social life. This is for all the best friends who understand this.

Thank you, best friend, for knowing that I haven't forgotten about you. You still mean the world to me, and I wish we could hangout every day like we used to in high school. I wish we could walk to our favorite place to grab a bite to eat after school. I wish we still had sports practice every day where we pushed each other to the limits and were able to chat about our personal problems. I wish we could still have those occasional late night drives where we would get lost under the stars on a back road we've never heard of. There are so many things I wish we could still do, and I know we will again someday when I'm home.

Thank you for growing up with me. We aren't in high school anymore, and a lot of people bring their high school drama with them post-graduation. You know we are becoming adults, and we have responsibilities now that limit the amount of free time we have to spend with those who mean the most to us. Just like I am dealing with my new found responsibilities, I know you are doing the same with yours. It may not be like it used to be, but I know I can see us meeting for coffee or drinks one day and talking about what's new in our lives. I look forward to catching up with you.

Thank you for being as dedicated to keeping our friendship alive as I am. Whether that's in the form of keeping that Snapchat flame burning strong every day, a five minute phone call, an occasional letter, or even a Facebook post, each gesture is appreciated. I hope you appreciate my small ways of keeping in touch, too.

Thank you for accepting my new friends, too. They have become important parts of my life, and it means the world to me that you all get along. I feel like we started a family, and as I moved away, that family branched out and expanded. You accepting them all and helping create that family helps me more than you could imagine.

Thank you, best friend, for being the best best friend I could ever have asked for. Knowing that we've been able to stay this close with minimal contact makes me believe that our friendship is one that will last a lifetime. I love you!