It's the small city with the big heart. That's what Milford, Connecticut is known as, and this small city has a lot to offer when it comes to summer time. Here are the 10 places you know you're going to visit during this summer vacation.

1. Silver Sands Beach

It wouldn't be a summer in Milford if you didn't spend any time down at Silver Sands! With the boardwalk now connecting to Walnut Beach, Silver Sands is best for both the sunbather and the jogger.

2. Charles Island

You can't have a day planned at Silver Sands without a walk out to Charles Island! Check that tide schedule, and make the short trek out to our beautiful and historic island.

3. Walnut Beach

I swear, we have more than beaches here. But, we have so many good sites, I know you're going to visit them all. Walnut Beach is the go-to spot for a relaxing day at the beach with the whole crew.

4. The Cone Zone

Be honest. Your parents took you here constantly as a kid, and you've been going ever since. The Cone Zone is always a must-stop all throughout the summer.

5. Carvel

Summer and ice cream go hand-in-hand. Right near the beach, Carvel is just as crucial to a Milford summer as The Cone Zone.

6. Mr. Mac's Canteen

Right across from Carvel, you're in for a real treat. Make sure you have some cash on you. Get ready to be served cheap and delicious food cooked and served just like it was during your childhood.

7. Downtown Milford/The Milford Green

The sun will be shining bright over Milford Green this summer. You'll definitely find yourself walking down here, just like the rest of us.

8. The Duck Pond

A popular place for prom pictures and proposals, Milford residents will take advantage of this beautiful sight whenever the sun blesses us with a warm summer day.

9. Connecticut Post Mall

Being one of the largest malls in the state, with 1.33 million square feet, Milford residents are proud of their mall. We sure as hell visit it frequently. It will be no different once the summer months come around and those sweet deals get unleashed.

10. AMF Milford Lanes

With its new, slick design, bowling in Milford has never been so enjoyable. Get a party of friends down to Milford Lanes, and strike in the summer!