Whenever I hold your hand

I’m filled with warmth on the coldest day.

When your gaze is fixed on me

I lose every possible word that I could say.

When your head rests upon me

My heart speeds up, and my mind melts away.

When I hold you tight in my arms

I wish that this is how we will always stay.

Whenever you give me a surprise kiss

I feel as if my entire body has begun to sway.

Whenever we’re close and our eyes lock

I want to lean in and kiss you without any delay.

Two years strong is our journey,

And I’m finding my feelings are now easier to convey,

And with each new breath I take

I’m piecing them together in a beautiful array.

You helped me find many new pieces

And I’m putting them in the front of the display,

So I can make sure that you can see

How much I have fallen for you, even if that’s still a little cliché.