Crazy Expensive and Useless Things To Buy
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8 Ridiculously Expensive Things To Waste Your Money On

If you're looking for something affordable and practical, you've come to the wrong place. If you're a casual billionaire looking to waste a few thousands, look no further.


We've all wondered how we would spend our money on a daily basis if we lived the richest lifestyle. Surely if you were ever in this situation you would inevitably get bored of buying new cars or new houses, so you'd move to other equally costly things. There's got to be something to do with all this extra money! This is where useless yet extravagant products shine, and here's a list of my favorites. You might buy them not because you want to, but because you can.

1. Tiffany Tennis Ball Can - $1500

I mean $1500 for a tennis ball can? What a steal. Although this currently isn't selling on the Tiffany & Co. website, this is still a staple item for anyone overly rich looking to play a fun game of tennis.

2. Diamond Contact Lenses - $1500

Feeling extra glittery? Bedazzle your eyes with this beautiful set of diamond contact lens! Originally designed by Indian optometrist Chandrashekhar Chawan, these will cost you $1500 and are customizable with up to 18 diamonds.

3. Luxury Ice Cubes - $325

Luxury Ice Cubes

A set of these luxurious individually handcrafted ice cubes will cost you $325, but they claim to enhance your drinking experience by lessening the amount of dilution a regular ice cube interferes with in a drink.

4. Gold Covered Men's Bicycle - $232,103.12

Gold Cycle

This isn't your average bicycle. Goldgenie, a popular high-end company, elevated a seemingly normal cycle by completely covering it with 24k gold on to every part of it, from the handles to the wheel. The only problem? The starting price is $232,103.12. If I were actually this rich, this is the first thing I would buy.

5. Diamond and Gold covered Game Boy - $25,000

Gold and Diamond Game Boy

Are you an adult born in the early 90s looking to reminisce on yourself as a child? This product is just an elevated version of that. The iconic Game Boy started a new generation of video gaming, and it's only fair we honor it by slathering it in lavish diamonds and gold pieces.

6. Goldplated Staples - $65.75

Goldplated Staples

True, these Goldplated Staples isn't as costly as the others and it's even somewhat useful. But $65 for a pack of 24 staples? That's $2.73 per staple, whereas an average pack of staples will cost you 0.000858 per staple.

7. 52-Carat Gold Dog Collar - $1.8 million

dog collar

I chose to save the most expensive for last. I mean look at it! From I Love Dogs La Collection de Bijoux, Amour Amour is the world's most expensive dog collar that incorporates 1600 hand-set diamonds with a seven-carat cut center diamond. Talk about a dog with style!

What did we learn today folks? Easy. Dip anything in gold and it automatically becomes an expensive product that even the wealthy can use.

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