Use custom keychains to earn some extra bucks
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Use custom keychains to earn some extra bucks


Use custom keychains to earn some extra bucks


Whether you are an entrepreneur or a business, looking for a new side gig, or interested in finding new ways to have a second income source, custom keychains can be a suitable product. People want to buy something unique whenever they get a chance, and you can be the one to provide them. Keychains are a time-tested item that provides tremendous ROIs. Although, we are not saying that it could make you a fortune. But it can be a product that could start or supplement your business.

What makes custom keychains suitable?

Many people have entrepreneurial cravings, but the lack of money stops them from starting. Any business needs an inventory and takes investments. A few reasons that make them ideal are low investment cost, versatility, logistics, marketability, demand, competition, etc. Let us discuss these.

●Investment cost: is one of the most vital factors for many people and businesses, especially if they are starting. The low investment makes it much more lucrative and accessible - additional benefits include the ease of customizing and fulfillment. Most custom keychains, including the premium ones, have a low per-unit cost. You can further lower the price by purchasing in bulk. With a few hundred bucks, you can have a sizeable inventory that you can sell for a profit. And the best part: you do not have to be a design expert to customize them. There are manufacturers like EverLighten that help with the artwork with their in-house designers. You can create some unique ones that no one is selling.

●Versatility: Some products are plain and have little variety, not keychains. They are one of the most multipurpose products and are a fantastic choice for starting out or as a side business. You have a wide variety of options for styles, themes, materials, etc. You can start with a single or a few designs and add them as the business grows. For example, if you are a social media influencer with a travel niche, you can sell the relevant keychains to your supporters. As the popularity grows, so will your product line and income. You can also use it to increase awareness of your brand’s logo and colors.

●Logistics: Planning is necessary for success, even though it may not be fun to think about the logistics of your operation. One of the massive advantages of selling custom keychains is their small size and weight compared to other items. It makes them easier to ship and store. You do not need much space; you can also start selling online from a basement and ship using padded mailers. For brick-and-mortar shops, it is easier to transport and display. Working with a manufacturer like EverLighten has the added advantage of a team of professionals taking care of all the technical aspects.

●The marketability of products depends on the what and the who; the same goes for custom keychains. What is the goal? Are you looking to promote your brand? Will they act as a keepsake from a popular travel destination? Thinking about these and other questions will provide you with a clear picture. Here, they have an advantage since they serve various purposes. Keychains are also collectible; many collect them as a hobby. It also gives you some more market segments to target.

●Demand: one of the primary reasons for a business’s failure is the lack of demand. Keychains are a practical product that every household needs. According to a reputed market survey, a regular US family has at least six keychains; they purchase them as personal and professional gifts. You do not have to worry about the demand suddenly dying and leaving all the inventory useless.

●Competition: If a product is evergreen and has been for a long time, there will be competition. Your overlook matters; it can either deter or spur you. Do not be discouraged because it displays that the market is massive and you can carve a niche. Study competitors for strengths and weaknesses and find out what makes you unique. If a specific segment is too crowded, you can shift to other. For example, many businesses sell raisin keychains, and the market is pretty crowded. But few sell fun keychains for outdoor adventures; you can target those people with multi-utility keychains.

4-steps to creating keychains:

Now that you know the steps, it is time for research and execution. Follow the steps to start.

●Choose a custom keychain style: There are many options with models, materials, manufacturing processes, etc. Choose from PVC, metal, leather, embroidered, wood, etc. Whether you will create it in 3D, do you have color fills, and what about the packaging? If you are not sure, visit EverLighten and see the options. Consider the cost and profits that you are comfortable making an informed decision.

●Prepare the artwork: consider the shape, size, and materials during the artwork preparation. Many things can influence the design; choose the one you need. For the logo keychains, it is better to keep them as the focus of the artwork; taking a minimalist approach works best for it. Use Pantone match colors to keep the brand identity consistent.

●Production: Your work is complete and is up to the manufacturer now. Focus on marketing during the waiting period to make the most of it. It can take anywhere between 2-4 weeks; the sample takes around a week. Ask for a prototype because the design might look different on screen than in real life. It allows you to make a few modifications to the artwork. Consider other variations, like supply chain disruptions, shipping delays, etc., and order in advance. Suppliers and shipment companies are busier during holidays.

●Sell the keychains: Now, your work starts, and it is the most exciting part; seeing your business take off is pretty exhilarating. Some of the vital things you would like to consider are :

●ROIs: consider the resources invested, including money and time invested in creating the artwork, searching for suppliers, marketing, etc.

●The list of costs and potential costs will include the cost of keychains, time invested, shipping materials, shipping fees, taxes, miscellaneous overheads, returns/ replacements, etc. It will give you a rough estimate of the price of a keychain; adjust the price for a profit. Try to double the profit; check the competition for insight.

●Where to sell: How much you will earn will depend upon where you plan to sell them. Are you going to sell them online or in your shop? Are you looking to sell regularly or occasionally, like during Christmas, Valentine’s, etc.?


We hope the blog has provided insights into customizing and selling keychains. The variety and versatility give an immense opportunity to earn a few side bucks. You can also use them to promote your business or social media profile. When ready to order, visit EverLighten for a wide variety of high-quality keychains at affordable costs. We have helped startups, large companies, restaurants, realtors, etc., for over eighteen years.

Michael Carney is a realtor from Columbus, New Jersey. He was looking to promote his business in the area and reached EverLighten for the same. After discussions, we advised custom keychains - they were ideal for his needs. Our design team helped him with the artwork, materials, and size, and delivered in record time. He was 100% satisfied with the quality and gave our team a 5-star rating.

Customize keychains with EverLighten:

Best pricing: We customize keychains in our factory, which helps customers to get the best prices.

Premium quality: Customers get custom keychains with the best materials and the latest production methods.

Fast delivery: our factory helps deliver orders in the quickest possible time.

Customer service: Customers can contact our support team anytime for their queries.

Customer-centric: We love helping every customer create their dream keychain.

100% customization: Customers can customize every aspect - materials, shape, size, etc. - of their custom keychain.

Minimum order quantity: Customers can order as many as they need; EverLighten offers the lowest minimum limit in the industry.

Worldwide delivery: EverLighten delivers to every part of the world, and you can track orders with the online tool.

For information, inquiries, and orders, visit

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