30 Items for Your USC Bucketlist
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30 Items For Your USC Bucket List

Every student should do these things before they graduate.


1. Go to the top of SGM for sunset….and sunrise….and midday….and midnight.

2. Do a fountain hop of all 30-something fountains on campus.

3. Pull an all-nighter in Leavey Library.

4. Study in and/or explore every library on campus.

5. Take a picture sitting on Traveler.

6. Ring the victory bell.

7. Take a picture in front of Tommy.

8. Get a milkshake from Ground Zero. Sike. Too soon, I know, I'm sorry but I couldn't resist.

9. Join an org. Or two. Or ten.

10. Go on a football game weekender.

11. Sing the fight song.

12. Shop all 4 levels of the USC Bookstore.

13. Find a favorite building and study spot on campus.

14. Tailgate.

15. Go to a football game (duh).

16. Go inside of every single building.

17. Find the tiny chapel.

18. Watch an on-campus filming.

19. Sit in on a tour. So you can know where the highest point on campus is, obviously.

20. Do the Lyon's Center high dive, if you dare.

21. Attend every type of sporting event.

22. Eat at Moreton Fig.

23. Have fun at Tommy's Trivia night.

24. Nap in a hammock.

25. Try every food offered at EVK.

26. Eat at Little Galen.

27. Take a headshot at Mudd Hall.

28. Learn how to skateboard.

29. Study inside Student Union.

30. Name one of the USC cats.

Fight on, y'all!

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