Dear Upcoming College Freshman,

My freshman year is almost over and for some of us that means the excitement of summer and no homework or exams but for some of us, it can be quite sad. We have just spent the last year on our own without our parents and now we have to go back. We have to leave our newly created home and friends to go back to a place where we have known for our entire lives. Nothing will be new and exciting and we can feel our independence being stripped from us. This may not be the case for everyone but for some of us this is a very nostalgic time and we want to cherish our last weeks living in a small dorm with a roommate. We want to cherish the college campus feel because we might be living on campus in the fall. Here is how some college freshman is feeling as the semester comes to a close.

We may say how excited we are for this next year no longer being the babies on campus but when that last night comes sleeping in the dorm we are gonna be sad to leave. We are gonna miss our tiny four walls that we never believed would feel like home a year ago. We will be sad to never live in the same place with a complete stranger who became your best friend. We may say we are so ready to live in our own apartment but deep down the very idea scares us because it is just one more step into adulthood.

To your upcoming college freshman, be prepared for the best year but also be prepared to know that it is only temporary. This exciting and new year you are about to experience is only temporary because things will change, nothing will remain the same. People will leave as they figure out if college is the place for them and some will stay. The dorm may look small but in no time it will be your new home. Don't be so eager to leave because once it's gone it's gone. This year will fly by but I promise you it will all be worth it!

Sincerely, A Current College Freshman