Tragedy struck on Wednesday, May 14, when Megan Rogers lost her life in a car accident.

Megan was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma and had just completed her first year at LSU. Her longtime boyfriend, Blake Fritz, also passed away in the horrific wreck that happened in their hometown of Shreveport, La.

The shock was soon followed by immense grief. Megan will always be remembered for her constant smile and positive attitude. Though she was taken from this world much too soon, I can confidently say she lived every day of her life to the fullest.  She had it figured out and she inspired many to make life exciting. 

The hundreds of people who attended events in her honor are a clear testament to how much she was adored and all of that support will make continuing life without Megan more bearable for her grieving family. Megan’s mother is taking her daughter’s death the hardest. Seeing the deep pain in her dazed eyes and hearing her weak moans instantly brought everyone to tears. 

Saturday, May 17, just three days after his sister’s death, Megan’s younger brother walked across the very same stage she walked across just a year ago to receive his high school diploma.  His wan expression showed the world of hurt her friends and family are living in. Only time will heal these wounds.   

Thursday afternoon, a park full of people released balloons in Megan and Blake’s honor. The balloons ascended into the sky, as the crowd knew the couple already had. We can only wait for the day when Megan is reunited with her loved ones, but for the time being, we have another angel watching over us.