6 Of The Worst Sorority Girl Stereotypes That Everyone Believes But Aren't True

6 Of The Worst Sorority Girl Stereotypes That Everyone Believes But Aren't True

The worst sorority stereotypes that everyone thinks is true, but in reality, isn't anything they would expect.


Throughout my whole life, I've always heard sorority stereotypes ranging from family members, friends, and even strangers. Most of it was solely based off of what movies and TV shows have depicted it as or even the worst real-life horror stories of hazing.

In reality, from becoming a sister of a sorority, I know it isn't anything like the stereotypes. I was terrified of joining a sorority and never did I think that I would join one in college. It actually turned out to be one of the best things I've ever done, but the stereotypes are still out there and they still aren't true.

I've given myself an opportunity to take and joining a sorority, to me, was a big one. I wasn't ready, but I still wanted to give it a shot and at least say I got the experience. Sorority life isn't anything you think it would be, and there are so many stereotypes surrounding it. Here are a few harmful stereotypes you might come across that you should be wary of:

1. All we ever do is party.


Even if you weren't in a sorority, you would still party in college. You aren't forced to party if you don't want to (aka that's hazing) and you have a right to choose if you want to party with sisters or not. I've never felt pressured to do so and that's not all that we do in a sorority. We have philanthropy events, community service, chapter meetings, socials, etc. Sororities do a lot to expand their reputation and partying is not really one of them, I promise.

2. All sorority girls are fake.


This one definitely isn't true. Every sorority girl has a personality, trust me. Being in a sorority doesn't mean you have to look perfect at all times. You don't have to wear pounds of makeup and keep your pretty blonde hair straightened. It definitely doesn't work like that.

You're allowed to be comfortable in your own skin and when going through recruitment, you have to be yourself so that you're put in the sorority that you're meant to be in. Going through recruitment and meeting some girls who might seem fake, probably aren't. They're probably really nervous and don't really know what to say so they're going to seem kind of fake to you. You meet so many different girls who all have their own unique traits, they're all going to be a little quirky, and it should always be like that.

3. Only rich girls join a sorority.


Sure, some girls have money, but NOT ALL girls have money. Dues for sororities definitely are expensive, but it's up to the girl if she finds it all worth it. Some girls pay for their own dues (me) and work our butts off to get the money to pay for it. Financial probation is a thing and it is common for girls to get on financial probation because yes, it is expensive, and you might not have the money up front. Not all of our rich daddies are paying for our sorority dues. Some girls pay their own and most of us aren't as "rich" as you think.

4. You have your friends handed to you. 


Finding friends in a sorority is just as hard as finding friends if you lived in a dorm. You still have to step out of your comfort zone and be outgoing to find friends. It might be just a tad easier to find friends in a sorority because you've already shared so many memories and have all gone to events together, that friendships just start forming.

People think that with joining a sorority, you just have your friendship handed to you, but it doesn't quite work like that. Many girls drop because they feel like they didn't have any friends in the sorority and didn't find a point to keep moving along with it. So no, you definitely have to form friendships on you're own.

5. We care about social life more than academics. 

Back to School Essentials photo by Matt Ragland (@mattragland) on Unsplash


This one is a big fat no. Being a sorority, you have to meet academic goals. You need to have a good, or high, GPA and you're required to have a certain amount of study hours per week. If not, you can be put on academic probation. To even join Greek Life at a college, you must have a certain GPA or you can be put on probation.

There have been many times when I've missed events or a party to go and study/do homework. I've made it a priority, and honestly, if I wasn't in a sorority, I wouldn't be as motivated to keep my academics up. Academics is such an important aspect in joining a sorority that sometimes we might have to miss out on our social life.

6. It's a cult.


If it was a cult, I promise I wouldn't be sitting here writing this article. Just because you see those two girls swiftly open the double doors and you see a big group of girls clapping and singing does not mean that it's a cult. It's to seem inviting and cute, not be seen as a cult.

In the movies, they have made this a big stereotype especially with hazing, but sororities aren't cults, I promise. We've come a long way with doing cute philanthropy events and donating community service hours, a cult isn't even in our vocabulary. Sororities want to have a sisterhood bond, and because of the old traditions they still follow, some rituals like initiation may seem "cultish" but in reality aren't at all.

Before I ever joined a sorority, I believed each and every single one of these stereotypes. I'm glad I took a chance in doing recruitment because it has brought me so many friendships and memories I don't ever want to let go of. A lot of these stereotypes will most likely live on, but from my experience, not one of these stereotypes have become true and I'm sure a lot of other sorority girls can agree.

I wouldn't give it up for the world and I've been surprised a lot throughout my time of being in a sorority and have realized that it's a lot more than just all the frat boys you meet and all the relations you get to have. From doing cute philanthropy events, sisterhood retreats, semi-formal and formal, etc. you get to keep some of the best experiences you will ever go through in your life.

So don't believe any of these countless sorority stereotypes.

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Winter Intersessions Don't Have To Be All That Bad

A lot can happen in 10 days.


Something I think that is important to note here in the beginning is that a lot can happen in just ten days. It may not seem like a long time, but from the time frame of starting a Gender Studies class on Men, Women, and Greek Life and finishing it, we saw the rise of the new Gillette commercial, which touched on men needing to hold men accountable and stop letting the male societal development continue in this never-ending circle. But also, the death of a Sigma Alpha Epsilon brother due to hazing and alcohol abuse, which I might add got next to zero media recognition.

Ten days ago I started a Gender Studies Topics class called Men, Women, and Greek Life. I had zero idea what the class would be when I registered for it since it was just labeled "Gender Studies Topics." But even when the syllabus was sent out a few days before the class started and I found out the name, I still had no clue what we could learn about in this class other than men are in fraternities and women are sororities.

Over this ten-day period, I learned so much from how we "do gender", to culture, to ambivalent sexism, and to intersectionality. To get more specific, I learned a lot about Greek Life in the sense of pledging/rushing, relationships among women, relationships among men, hazing, body objectification, and sexual harassment. But it was about much more than what I learned in the context of Greek Life; it was also a matter of what I learned about myself and society individually and collectively.

I don't want to go too in depth about what I learned specifically.. not in this article at least. I want to focus on the fact that in just ten days, I know more about people, society, the multiple cultures, and the type of men and women we produce in the Greek system than I ever thought was possible to think about. I also saw a lot of the application of these subjects in the real world whether it was through articles, magazine interviews, emails sent out by Greek members, books like TFM, Dirty Rush, and Greek University, or real life/real world pledges dying because of the Greek culture that has developed over time.

It's so fascinating to me that within ten days, in a class of nine people, meeting three and a half hours a day, having a discussion based class experience, I learned more than I probably have in my entire collegiate experience. My outlook, opinions, perspectives, views, and beliefs about certain things have been challenged in the most educating way. I wasn't told I was wrong, I was respected at all times, I was open-minded to the ideas and thoughts that others had. I didn't have time to sit and worry about my grades, or over analyze each class period, or memorize a lecture word for word like I normally would have done for a class.

We watched episodes from the show Greek and Law and Order: SVU along with a movie called Revenge Of The Nerds (which I never would have watched if it had not been for this class). But because we watched these episodes and this movie and then had to analyze the content in relation to our class topic, I won't be able to watch a show or a movie and not recognize that there are really disturbing underlying contexts that we wouldn't notice on any other given day watching our favorite tv show or favorite movie. And believe me- I have already noticed this from trying to watch shows and movies.

What I am trying to say but is difficult to explain is how great of an experience it has been to take a ten-day intensive Gender Studies Class because it was meaningful, powerful, and at times was information that no one likes talking about because it is hard to talk about- especially on a college campus. But because of this experience, I have grown so much as an individual and as a woman affiliated with the Greek system.

So if you ever get the opportunity to take a winter intersession class, especially a Gender Studies class, you should take full advantage because you will go in the classroom on the first day thinking you have plenty of knowledge and leave on the last day thinking about how naive you were at the beginning. And I think realizing you were being naive in the first place shows a greater deal about a person than someone who believes they know it all already and don't need to become more educated about what really happens in the real world.

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