Unthankful Hunger
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Unthankful Hunger

Hunger is a plague that disintegrates children and people all around the world.

Unthankful Hunger

Hunger is a plague that disintegrates children and people all around the world. According to the Feeding America website in 2015, 14.5 million children under the age of 18 were in poverty. This statistic is astounding considering we supposedly live in the land of opportunity. And in this land of opportunity, it is almost Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of celebration, giving, and appreciation for the people and belongings in our lives. But, unfortunately for a child or family this year a true holiday meal is their utmost wish. The families who don't have the supplies to provide a special meal feel deprived of holiday spirit and guilty because they can't provide magical memories. Though some still have their families, we all deserve memories and occasions that are unforgettable.

Since the first Thanksgiving in 1620 we have gathered together to enjoy a vast, delicious meal and bask in the company of our loved ones. The Pilgrims and Native Americans provided guidance and friendship to each other that triggered peace between the two communities in the end. If the Indians did not advise the Pilgrims and help them with their trials the historical New England colony, Plymouth, may not exist today. We should take a lesson from our Native brothers and sisters and give to those who need it most. If society gave even just a quarter of the food, beverages, and luxuries it buys, sells, or stows away never to be used or only to be used on a blue moon to underprivileged individuals the world would be a happier place.

I am proud to say that I donate clothes, trinkets, and spare food to the local Salvation Army and to local churches every year. I found it rewarding as a child and I find it more rewarding as an adult and mother. One reason for this is because I was so fortunate as a child and I loved giving presents to others and seeing their reactions. The second reason is because I work so hard to provide for my daughter so she is happy and knows she is loved and I believe that every child deserves to feel as such. If I couldn't provide her with the joy she deserves I would feel disappointed and guilty. As a mother I want my daughter to be happy and, when I donate now I think of her and I feel happy making a difference for a child.

I always believed every child deserves the world and chance to excel. But most of these children who are deprived of important nutrients and proper learning, cannot excel unless another reaches out and helps. Some children come from good, hardworking families that can hardly afford healthy food or luxuries because bills are too high. And unfortunately other children do not have a family or a warm bed. They have to live on the dangerous streets searching for food to survive.

It is a terrible crime to avoid this disgrace and do nothing. But the chance to help has arrived.

Since the holidays draw near. Bring warm holiday cheer. To those who need it most. A rewarding feat. That a child can eat. And smile from coast to coast. Please end hunger.

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