Completely Unrelatable Things My Roommate And I Say To Each Other

Completely Unrelatable Things My Roommate And I Say To Each Other

"It really grosses me out when you drink milk."

From the outside looking in, my roommate and I are quite an odd pair. Do we both still sleep with our baby blankets... well yeah but it's in a cool way not a not cool way. As I scroll through Odyssey, I find myself reading a lot of "Things You And Your Roommate Say To Each Other" listicles. While me and my fellow Odyssey writer roommate, Dylan, do say a lot of these things to each other, I am seeing that we say way more not so relatable things. So here are the 10 not so relatable things my roommate and I say to each other.

1. "Do we have any lemons?"

Constantly, I am asking Dylan if there are any lemons in the room since I eat them like oranges. It is bizarre...sorry Dyl!

2. "Who pooped on my bed?"

Were we just eating ice cream, chocolate, or something else brown... yes. But still, why is there brown on my duvet cover!

3. "Why is there still a Jake Paul poster hanging in our room?"

Did I buy myself a Jake Paul poster and tell Dylan it was a gift for her... maybe. Is it still hanging up months later after the joke died... yes.

4. "I still don't understand why you have a Guy Fieri mask."

I think Dylan will never understand why I have a Guy Fieri outfit but after living with each other for a few months she has learned to respect it.

5. "Where's the Snapple that tastes like lead?"

Did Dylan and I keep a case of Snapple that tasted like lead in our room for over a month... yeah. To be completely honest it might still be here.

6. "It really grosses me out when you drink milk."

When you both watch It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and you see the McPoyles drink milk it ruins it. I never want to see anyone drink milk ever again.

7. "I'm literally going to throw up blood I'm so excited."

We get really excited really often.

8. "Are we opening the club tonight?"

In a very cool and trendy way, not weird way, our friends named our room the club and we sort of just adapted to it! So we are constantly asking each other whether or not the club is open for our friends to come hang out in.

9. "This is the longest we've ever gone without eating popcorn."

Popcorn is our favorite food group.

10. "Don't turn the lights off I feel like there are monsters in our room."

For real though our room is haunted.

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