1. “What time are we leaving?”

2. “I have nothing to wear.”

3. “Can I borrow your top? You know, that one that you wore in your Insta 27 weeks ago?”

4. “Which shoes, black or brown?”

5. “Are you wearing wedges?”

6. “Will you curl my hair?”

7. “Did you eat dinner yet? I’m hungry.”

8. “Are you showering?”

9. “Does dry shampoo count as a shower?”

10. “What time are we leaving?”

11. “I hate this outfit.”

12. “I’m looking in your closet.”

13. “What are you wearing?”

14. “I like your outfit better than mine.”

15. “Call ____ and tell them to come over.”

16. “Are you wearing jeans?”

17. “Is it bad if I wear dirty jeans?”

18. “Is this too aggressive?”

19. “Guys don’t have to worry about any of this.”

20. “What lipstick color do I wear?”

21. “Pick out a bag for me.”

22. “Do you have cash?”

23. “We are so going to get pizza tonight.”

24. “We look hot. Get in my Snapchat.”

25. “I look weird, retake it.”

26. “The light's better in the kitchen.”

27. “Which filter do I use?”

28. “I think I need to change, I hate this outfit.”

29. “Am I going to be cold?”

30. "Split this Uber with me."

31. “We really need to leave.”

32. “I’m over it, let’s go.”