As of late, a meme has been circulating around social media that says "Quote this with your unpopular opinion." It's a gif of former President Obama at his last White House Correspondence. Looks like this:

Well folks, I'm here to share some of my not so popular opinions. Here goes nothing.

1. "The Office" is overrated and stupid.

Sorry guys, the humor is just bad. Bad, bad, bad.

2. Ketchup is gross.

WHY DO PEOPLE LIKE KETCHUP. The only way I can consume ketchup is if it is with an enormous amount of mustard. Only way.

3. "Stranger Things" is also overrated.

I already don't like ketchup. This show (and its merchandise) just made it worse.

4. Cardi B isn't a good rapper.

Sorry girl, nothing against you. Your music just doesn't float my boat.

5. Chicken is the best type of meat.

"Hey Peyton, want do you want to eat?" "Chicken."

6. Wearing a lot of makeup is fake.

Go ahead and do you, boo. I won't stop you. All I'm saying is that when you cake your face with makeup, it takes away a part of who you are.

7. Math is fun.

Now I'm not talking about calculus or anything crazy, but algebra is AWESOME. I could solve for x and y for DAYSSSS.

8. GPAs mean nothing when you have experience.

Sure, you can be the "smartest" in your class, but nothing beats a 4.0 GPA like hands-on experience.

9. Wendy's is the best fast food restaurant.

There's just something about the quality of Wendy's food that makes it so much better. Plus, you get the benefit of [not] pooping your brains out after you eat it.

10. Target is better than Publix.

I honestly don't know why people think Publix is better. Target is cheaper, more "boujee," and just a very nice place to shop.

So there it is. 10 of my most unpopular opinions. Go ahead, tell me I'm wrong. We're all entitled to our opinions.