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Apparently, the blogs are killing it in the views, so I guess I'll continue writing them as long as people care enough to read them. When I am talking about people, mostly my editor-in-chief. I think she likes me more than the others. I've done everything in the book the last two years to get fired and I still haven't been fired by her yet. She's gonna be reading this anyways trying to catch my next slip up, but little does she know the intro is where I catch the editors off guard (evil, I know). Alright, author's note over, let's get to this blog thing.

Alright, it's been officially two months into my new job. Crazy how time either moves at a snail's pace or extremely fast - it's never really in the middle. However, in this job, it's starting to feel like it. We're starting to get into the end of the year already, and it's October, so cuffing season is in full bloom. However, as a traveling manager, that life is one you will most likely not participate in.

Don't get me wrong, if I tried hard enough, maybe there is someone crazy enough to stay with me. But let's be honest, when do I have the time? I work from Thursday to Sunday, and I'm off most likely Monday to Wednesdays. How does one have a social life in those three days? You don't, exactly. This explains how every traveling manager is single in this organization, there's literally no time to settle down. However, what we do have time for is swiping, and LOTS of it.

Tinder, Bumble, Hinge - it doesn't matter. When you're in this job and you get a five-minute break, or when you're in a new city, you get a hint of curiosity. You open up every single dating app that involves swiping and you swipe away to your hearts desires, but deep down you know nothing is gonna come about it because there simply isn't time. In the last two months in this job, I've probably secured over 75 matches across three apps.

That's about the same amount of matches I've had in four years in college. This is coming from a dude that's a hard 5, soft 6 on a scale of 1-10. For those that are reading that think I am higher than that, thanks for the support, but I gotta keep myself humble here. When you're 5'3, allergic to alcohol, your only true passion in life is golf, and on top of that asexual (AKA attracted to absolutely nothing), you can't give yourself that self-confidence boost that you need.

Also, do you remember that piece of advice everyone has given you saying stop trying to chase money and starting chasing your passion instead? Well, I did that second part, not knowing that the first part also came with it. I didn't realize taking this position meant a company credit card as well. In the crazy month that I have spent with this company, I somehow spent in excess over $8,000, and that's apparently the norm for monthly payments. That's four digits of expenses in 30 days. Crazy, I know. The even crazier part was that my own credit card bills totaled out to less than $100 last month, which is 80% less than it usually is.

So cool, I am spending money that isn't mine, but somehow I am still not completely satisfied. I like my job, I love the culture, but I just feel empty inside. The money is fine, yes. The travel is great, sure. But I am just missing something, and I have no idea what it is. I would say a companion, but I've never had one before, so I don't feel I have a right to feel empty about that. I think I feel empty because I still haven't made a friend yet, and it's been two months.

Before I even wish for someone to come make my life a little happier, I am just wishing for some friends because honestly, I am struggling here. I have everything I've wanted in a job but with a crumbling social life. Who knows when this ticking time bomb is gonna run out. No new friends yet, but I really hope that is going to change, or else I am in a big heap of trouble mentally.

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