On February 13, all the candidates running for the University of South Florida Student Government elections announced themselves. It comes as no surprise that Moneer Kheireddine and Shaquille Kent, this past year's Student Body President and Vice President, are re-running for office. They do have opponents, though. Gabby Cruz and Scott Tavlin, running for President and Vice President, respectively, are looking to broaden the horizons.

I had the chance to talk to all four of these wonderful people and got a peek into what they are going to do if they win the election. Not only that, but I also got a glimpse of who they are as people, and what means the most to them.

When I asked Gabby and Scott why they decided to run, Gabby said, "We're both really involved on campus and can't help but love the school." Together, they want to give the school everything they can, including the value of time.

Their platform is based on what they believe in. Gabby told me Scott and she sat down and discussed which core values they thought reflected them the most, and they came up with the following: Service, Family, Advocacy, and Tradition.

"Vote for us if our platform is what you believe in," Gabby said.

To find out more about their campaign, visit their website at gabbyandscott2018.com

Moneer and Kent have a different standpoint. Because they have already served, they made the point that there would be no transitionary period to go through because they already know who to go to.

For those of you concerned they haven't done much this current term, Moneer told me, "We haven't announced or released statements about what we've done because they are in progress and not complete." Things take time, and cannot be done in the blink of an eye.

Moneer and Kent have the platform "H.E.A.R. What We Stand For" which stands for Heritage, Entertainment, Access, and Representation. They are big on culture and want no part in extreme politics on campus.

"If I was me, I'd vote for me," Kent said.

To find more about their campaign, visit their website.

Both encourage a safe and healthy environment during this election process. In fact, they're friends and have served in many group organizations together.

"We all have an understanding," Scott said. "We want to leave a positive example on this election."