The University Of Arizona VS. Arizona State University, Which Is Really The Better School?
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The University Of Arizona VS. Arizona State University, Which Is Really The Better School?

Wilbur and Wilma Wildcat VS. Sparky the Sun Devil

The University Of Arizona VS. Arizona State University, Which Is Really The Better School?

Everyone knows about the huge rivalry between The University of Arizona and Arizona State University. They are both the Flagship Universities of the state of Arizona and are very comparable to each other. The split of people that think one is better than the other is 50-50. But the real question is: which one is indeed the better University?

1. Academics.

According to The U.S. News and World Report, The University of Arizona is number 121 in their National University Rankings. Arizona State University is at a close number 129, but The U of A takes the cake in this one.

2. The Campus.

The U of A has just one campus in Tucson, Arizona. The campus is big, but it is easy to get around and go to your classes. ASU is split up into four different campuses, the Tempe Campus (the main campus), Downtown Phoenix Campus, West Campus and Polytechnic Campus. This is very confusing to me. What if you wanted to take a class that's offered at a different campus? You would have to travel back and forth from campus to campus every day. Also, what if all of your friends are at a different campus than you? It is just very inconvenient to have four different campuses. Also, the Tempe Campus is not contained at all, it would probably take you 20 minutes just to get from your class to your dorm.

3. Greek Life.

A huge part of college at a huge university is Greek life. ASU and The U of A both have Greek life, but one just beats the other out. Fraternities and Sororities at ASU are not offered on-campus housing. They either do not have a house or live in off-campus apartments/house. The U of A has an on-campus Greek Row, home to its IFC and Panhellenic Greek Organizations. Greek life at ASU is basically nonexistent, no one really cares about it or what house you're in.

4. Population.

The U of A provides an education to around 42,000 students. ASU has a population of an enormous over 83,000 students. In my opinion, that is an insane amount of students. Maybe that's why the campus is so outrageously giant.

5. Sports.

The most crucial part of a big University besides the academics is the sports. Football and basketball are both very important to both schools. Even though both schools are not ranked in the top 25 College Football rankings, they are both great football schools. ASU is ranked number four in the Southern Division of the Pac 12 and The U of A is ranked number five. Even though ASU is ranked only one above The U of A in football, wait until you hear about U of A's basketball: according to USA Today Coaches Poll, Arizona is ranked number 12 in the entire country. ASU is not even ranked.

In conclusion, The University of Arizona is a much better school in every single way, shape, and form — from academics, the campus, Greek life, the population to sports. My heart and everyone else's heart should belong to The University of Arizona because it really is overall the better University. BEAR DOWN!

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