As my senior year rolls to an almost halt, and I am preparing for what seems to be a super senior year, at my 4-year college. I have been seriously looking back at some things that I have had to do, or complied with, over these 4 years that haven't quite made the most sense.

First, let's start with "required" classes; unsure how other universities do this, but I am sure you as an undergrad, have been required to take courses in which you feel as if there is no way, you would be taking this if it weren't a required course for your graduation.

I am an English major, who upfront thought I would just be diving in head first, to get a good chunk of my degree taken care of in the first few years. Little did I know, the first few are filled with copious amounts of required classes like science? math? and philosophy? Because yes, why not take a class I personally have zero interest in, beyond what I learned in high school. BUT, then I had another idea; why not keep these ideas of "required" classes, but make them filled with needed knowledge, rather than a class about extinct bugs, and their exo-skeletons?

So to bring this all back to my idea, it would be the question of why are we not growing student's minds, revolving these required courses, and instead of bugs why not CLIMATE CHANGE! And why are we taking math classes, when we could be learning ways to file our taxes for the unknown, or some money managing or loan aid classes? I sit here with this question on my mind for hours, until I could not hold anymore and had to put this down on paper.

I don't know why delicious genuine knowledge, isn't being poured into us by universities, professors or classes! I want to know what's going on in the world, not what "modern textbooks" are teaching us, about edited and manufactured American history. I want to know what's going on in the White House, what our planet need and why it needs it, and how to teach others to lead with kindness. I ponder these ideas, more than deemed appropriate sometimes, but they're questions that are important and that should be getting asked, and talked about and most importantly taught.

I want to be taught ethical matters, world events, issues going on that we, the people, can fight back on or with. I want to know how to be an independent woman in the work field, not needing to ask questions, (even though questions are important). But, I want to know the right information, for the benefit of myself when I am independent and standing alone. These 4 years are so important, and if you hold the privilege to attend any sort of post-high school university or program, know what you deserve out of it, and let's start the conversation.