Moving Forward

Let's take Triumph with failure.

Negativity lurks all around us

And 2017 was filled with it.

We started with electing a carrot for president.

Tension with North Korea rose

And we expected a nuclear war ahead.

Las Vegas had the deadliest mass shooting in Modern American History.

Texas also suffered a shooting.

Many lives lost and injured.

Terrorist took their shot.

Ariana Grande's Manchester concert,

Barcelona, and Lower Manhattan.

The devastating hurricane season.

Home destroyed, electricity out, and lives lost.

Harvey hit Texas, Irma hit Florida, and Maria hit the Caribbean.

The Charlottesville, Virginia Rally that turned into a culture war.

Confederate statues were rallied to put down.

The KKK showed up to spread hate and hurt people but Trump said they were "some very fine people".

The NFL protest on racial injustice didn't sit well with our president either.

He insisted Kaepernick's suspension for "taking a knee" during the national anthem.

In that moment, our rights were questioned.

Although the year was rough,

We did show compassion and understanding.

We took a stand for what was right.

There was the #MeToo Movement.

Harvey Weinstein was reported to lure women into hotels to sexually assault them.

Alyssa Milano tweeted her story and the Twitter community responded with their personal stories which outed at least 30 powerful men.

We were tested on our beliefs, rights, and patience

But through our hardest times, we all become united.

We are a community, connected by hope and kindness.

The #MeToo Movement gave the chance for people to tell their stories of sexual assault and provided support for them.

After the hurricanes, the world responded by donating money to fundraisers and care packages for all those in need.

Through the terrorism scares, Ariana Grades held a fundraiser that many artists partook in to show that hate will never win.

Donations were provided to the states that suffered through the massacres.

We stood a stand against women's rights and the racial hate that was still present in Charlottesville.

We felt like our country took a huge step backward instead of forward.

Despite all that seems lost, we keep our heads held high every day.

We hope to never lose hope and to continue showcasing love.

We have to keep moving forward with positivity.

Hello 2018, we're ready for you.