First United Methodist Church Of Hamburg
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First United Methodist Church Of Hamburg

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First United Methodist Church Of Hamburg
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From having to go to the altar for children stories, to attending youth every Sunday. I don't think there are ever going to be a word that amounts up to how grateful I am for the church congregation I grew up in. The First United Methodist Church of Hamburg has made me who I am today. from the stories of Noah and the arc to now relating events from the bible to real life. I will forever be grateful for such a congregation. these people have taught me the meaning of love, and have treated me like nothing more than family, oh and not to mention to always put God first.

I would like to give a special thank you to what I see as my home away from home, for not only teaching me the stories of the Bible but for letting me be me and letting me live out some of these stories. from sitting by my grandmother and having to be split apart from my twin sister for "acting up" in church, to sitting with the youth, and now sitting in the choir loft, I don't think I can remember a time where I haven't ever seen or felt Gods presence amongst these people. I have always felt something special for my church, and always knew that there was a reason for what I was feeling, but I didn't realize this until God intervened in my life and told me what I was to do with the knowledge I had received from my church. you see I have never been scared to stand out, especially when it came to my faith. some people saw it as annoying, some saw it as quite amazing, but when in reality, its completely normal. god didn't mean for us to be silent believers, he meant for us to speak out for him, spread his word, and motivate others to do the exact same, and I would be completely blind to this fact if it weren't for the Hamburg First United Methodist Church of Hamburg.

These people have seen me at my highest and lowest points emotionally and were always there to show me that I had someone to lean on through the good or bad. they have accepted me in as their sister in Christ, and have supported me wholeheartedly with my decision to go to school to become a youth director/ missionary. I don't think I could thank this church enough for everything they have done for me the past eighteen years of my life, or thank God enough for blessing me with such amazing people. so thank you. You, people, are truly an inspiration, and I am very blessed to have you all in my life.

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