Losing Friends Over Political Opinions In 2020
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If I Unfriend You During The 2020 Election, Yes, It's Personal

President Donald Trump and Joe Biden's plans for Black America matter.

If I Unfriend You During The 2020 Election, Yes, It's Personal

The Black Lives Matter movements have sparked widespread conversations and protests across the nation. With justice not being served for the murders of innocent Black people like Breonna Taylor and absolutely no support from President Donald Trump, this upcoming election is quite important.

Having a president with an openly racist campaign does not help. Millennials and Gen-Zers are essential to this upcoming election. We are the rising generations. It is up to us to do better and take a stand so everyone is treated equally and justice is served.

For those who remain silent or are supportive of President Trump, if I unfriend you during the 2020 election cycle, yes, it's personal.

On June 2, millions of people across the world participated in Blackout Tuesday on Instagram. Although some argue it did not help anything, Blackout Tuesday was an action against police brutality and racism by only posting a black square on your Instagram.

Most people posted to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movements happening, but some seemed to post as if it were a trend. These same people who thought it was a trend have stopped showing their support for Black Lives Matter and have since deleted their black square.

Let's be clear, Black Lives Matter is not a trend.

This is not something that is just going to go away, as it's been happening for the last 400 years. Black people are dying at the hands of police, the same people who are supposed to protect us, and barely anything is being done about it. This is why the people are protesting, justice needs to be served!

As of now, President Donald Trump will be running again as the Republican nominee and Joe Biden the nominee for the Democrats. The current president's approval rating is low, but a strong economic rebound could up his chances at reelection. Currently, Joe Biden has the lead in polling averages.

Joe Biden has promised a lot of things in his campaign, including helping out Black Americans. His plan for Black America includes advancing the economic mobility of African Americans and closing the racial wealth and income gaps, expanding access to high-quality education and tackling racial inequity in our education system, making far-reaching investments in ending health disparities by race, strengthening America's commitment to justice, making the right to vote and the right to equal protection real for African Americans and addressing environmental justice.

Instead of promoting ways to help the Black Lives Matter movements and how he can help Black America for this upcoming election, President Donald Trump has done the exact opposite. In reaction to the Black Lives Matter mural painted across from Trump Tower he referred to the words as a "symbol of hate" and furthermore said that it spoils the "luxury avenue" he once called home.

Trump also wrote the following on his Twitter because of the statues and other monuments of slave owners being torn down.

The 2020 election is Tuesday, November 3, and it's one of the most important ones to date. It is important that everyone registers to vote and votes for what they believe is right. It is up to us to fight for justice and equality and choose the candidate that will make a change.

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