To My Unfashionable Boyfriend
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To My Unfashionable Boyfriend

Style; sometimes he just doesn't get it.

To My Unfashionable Boyfriend

The closet of my boyfriend is full of bland hues of blues, browns and blacks, with nothing special to catch the eye. However, when the clothes grace his body, it is clear that they make sense, as if they are perfectly made for him.

His jeans are made of dull, muted denim, faded around the knees and fraying at the bottom hems. They tell stories of long days of hard work, each wrinkle and stain a triumph over a challenge that was put in front of him.

The shirts that come from his dresser are tattered and exhausted, but each one holds some sort of message that goes with his personality. Plain shirts for working on cars and doing the handy work I'm never able to do, a few T-shirts that have been collected through various events, and some movie and video game based shirts from Loot Crate. Occasionally a fairly fashionable flannel shirt will make its appearance, but expect it to get dirty within seconds.

Socks, however, are the saddest excuse for foot coverage and by far the most disappointing part of his entire wardrobe. There are holes where toes can no longer be contained, the result of a playful puppy attempting to play with them when they are lying on the floor (but hey, cheapest toy ever). And the rest of the socks? Well, I'll be honest, I've probably stolen them.

Don’t get this wardrobe wrong. My working man can clean up when he wants to. Tucked inside a walk in closet that has been majorly taken over by me (sorry not sorry), are a few suits with vibrant undershirts and ties hanging up neatly in a row next to some Marine Corps military blues and uniforms. Granted, getting him to wear them usually takes a special event or Halloween.

My boyfriend emphasizes the saying “every girl is crazy about a sharp dressed man.” It may not be an every-day-wear for him, but every once and a while, it’s nice for my man to perform Barney Stinson's infamous "Suit up!"

All in all, my boyfriend exudes functionality and comfortability. He's not the kind of guy to go and buy the newest trendy items. He'd much rather get his clothes covered in dirt and grease rather than doused in cologne and unwrinkled. He's fine with the plain colors, the possibility of fading into the background because his personality is enough, after all, it hooked a pretty fine lady.

The truth is I couldn't care less if my boyfriend is sharply dressed all the time. He doesn't have to match my outfit or color coordinate with me. In fact, I love the fact that he doesn't do these things. He embraces his look and it makes seeing him all dressed up a very special occasion. Having an unfashionable boyfriend only goes to show that sometimes a bright personality really is the most noticeable thing in an entire wardrobe, and my man has that in spades.

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