Frat Boy Fashion 101
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Frat Boy Fashion 101

How to dress like a frat boy

Frat Boy Fashion 101

It's no secret that your stereotypical, preppy frat boy's closet is full of the right clothes from the right brands. But, c'mon! We're not all frat stars, here. We can't all just hemorrhage money from our trust funds we've had since age 15. But let's not forget that frat stars are people just like us. We call them stars for one reason: we want to be like them. Not only do we want their chill, laid back personality, but we also want their effortless style. I mean, how hard can it be? They put their brightly colored chinos on one leg at a time just like us regular bros. So worry not, my fratty friend! If they can do it, so can we! With that being said sit back, relax, and enjoy Frat Fashion 101.

Well, before we get to our basic brands, let's just go over some fundamental concepts. When getting dressed, you should probably go for a combination of shirt and pants. Now that we have that situation ironed out, you want to make sure you look too preppy to care. I find one of the best methods for this is to pick out your outfit based on your clothes proximity on the floor to where you are currently standing. This is a time saver so you can spend more time on important frat matters, and it will also put together some bold color and print combinations. You may question yourself, and think you look straight up silly at first, but let me remind you that's what alcohol is for, and soon others will recognize you as a man of fine style.

Now, let's move on to the basic brands. Although some of these bands can be rather pricey, sometimes you need to invest in your look.

First, we have Patagonia. Although this brand isn't your traditional preppy brand, their fleece pullovers earn them a spot among prep necessities. These pullovers are the perfect piece to make you look casual, sporty, and active. Believe me, no one will even notice all you've really done is sip on that cold beer of yours all day.

Next, we have Sperry. Of course, we're all familiar with Sperry's topsiders. These boat shoes are essentials. You can wear them all the time. Wear them with shorts. Wear them with pants. It's really never the wrong time for a Sperry.

Well, actually you shouldn't wear your Sperry's through the snow. Instead, invest in a classic pair of L.L. Bean boots. These boots will last you a lifetime. The classic duck boots have recently been on huge back orders, but they are all American made in the L.L. Bean factory in Maine. These boots are a must have for any of my fellow bros in the snow.

Also, nothing says frat boy quite like a nice pair of sunglasses. Of course, there are many quality brands of shades out there, but a Ray-ban Wayfarer is a classic look that never goes out of style.

Every preppy frat boy should also have a pair of Chubbies in their wardrobe. Skies out, thighs out, boys!

And, of course, we can't have the prep/frat basic essentials without mentioning Vineyard Vines. Vineyard vines is definitely a staple of any prepster's wardrobe. From their classic ties to their long sleeve shirts, to their colorful pants, V.V. has got it all. I mean, c'mon. Slap that little pink whale on anything and instantly becomes more fratty.

Now, with these few essentials, you'll be a preppy frat boy in no time. I bet if you had a dollar for every time someone asked you how you got so frat, you'd be a millionaire! (And then you could afford the good stuff, like Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers.)

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