2018 was the year of thrifting for me. I had never been an avid thrifter and frankly, have never enjoyed it thoroughly as I do now. That all changed in the span of a year when I started becoming obsessed with thrifting. This is my ode to thrifting!

I feel like some people just have personalities that are meant to thrift. Simple as it is- I love a good treasure hunt. I could dig and hunt for hours and be satisfied if I get one killer item. However, for a lot of my friends, that's exactly what they detest: waiting, digging, without any sense of immediate gratification. But for me? The digging makes the treasure so much sweeter.

I also like to think of myself as a pretty patient person. And you have to be patient to be a thrifter. I could be searching for a particular item on my list for months or even years but that one day when you come across it it's just about one of the greatest feelings in the world. To me, it's a moment of Eureka... and when it's the correct size, it's as if it was truly meant to be.

And that's another great thing about thrifting. At times it feels completely serendipitous. If you had not stumbled into that random thrift store after your class finished early, you never would've found that light wash pair of Levi 501's jeans that fit you like a gem. Sometimes I stumble across items that would've been perfect if they were the right size...but I tend to move on quickly because I believe that it's meant for someone else. Someday, I'll get the perfect item meant just for me.

Thrifting has taught me to be tenacious, patient, and just enjoy the journey.