Understand how to create a culture of innovation in your company

Understand how to create a culture of innovation in your company

In a world of high competition and with transformations that arrive faster and faster, innovation is the watchword for companies that wish to remain competitive.


However, the costs inherent to this activity, many times, end up preventing its implementation, which can be extremely harmful to the future of the company.

What is innovation culture?

In the dictionary, the word culture is defined as the "set of acquired knowledge", as well as "the norms of behavior, knowledge, habits or beliefs that differentiate one group from another". Therefore, it is not an immediate thing: it is necessary to conquer it.

How innovation management helps the company to grow

Finding ways to facilitate the sharing of ideas among all employees is very important - after all, everyone has a different skill and knowledge. It is the combination of these qualities that can transform a small idea into an innovative solution, capable of revolutionizing the company's business.

As every employee can have interesting ideas, one of the biggest challenges of innovation management is finding and selecting the most promising proposals, with the certainty that they can really reach the market.

How to implant a culture of innovation in your company

The stigma that innovation is restricted to a company's technology companies or technology sectors is something that needs to end. If you really want to make your company an innovation hub, everyone needs to be committed to the idea of innovating.

It is common for employees at the operational level to be more resistant to the adoption of new methodologies. A good way to convince them to embrace the new approach is to make it clear that everyone will have a voice and be heard: there is no one better than them to think of solutions to the challenges they face every day.

Once the entry barrier is overcome, and with the entire team committed to innovation, it is time to put into practice what was just an intention. Below, we list for you the fundamental steps in the process of implementing this new culture.

Analysis of problems and needs

Managers and leaders must make a detailed survey of the problems faced by the company, the products and services that can be improved, the internal processes that have flaws and the opportunities not yet explored in the market.

Reflections and verification

That done, it is necessary to do in-depth research on the behavior of customers and/or consumers. What do they look for? What do you think about the company's products and services? If necessary, go to the field to have real examples of these issues.

Generation of ideas

After deeply understanding the data obtained in the surveys, it is time to bring the whole team together and seek the best solutions to the reported problems. Here, it is worth using all known techniques, such as brainstorming, mind maps, design thinking and several others.

Selection of the most promising ideas

After generating a large volume of ideas, the idea is to leave them rest for a few days and does a refinement process soon after. Different methods can be adapted to select the best proposals - the important thing is that the environment is relaxed, with a healthy sense of competition.

Development and deployment

Transforming the best ideas into concrete projects is the big goal - but that does not mean, however, that the chosen proposals must be implemented at all costs. Like any other project, these ideas must be organized and carried out under the care of good management.

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