Today, I would like to introduce another six beauty bloggers on Youtube. These bloggers are unbiased, offer great reviews on their channels, and honest when reviewing cosmetics. They have less than or close to a million subscribers. But, honestly, deserve to have more.

YouTube Beauty Bloggers

Zabrena, who used to be formerly known as, now goes under her first name on YT. Zabrena has piercing blue eyes and alabaster skin. She's well-known for reviewing drugstores makeup in a series called Frugal Fridays, in where she tests newly released makeup while creating a makeup tutorial. She has a blog series called Historically Accurate in where she applies makeup based on previous decades and age eras, transforming herself into someone from the past. She also makes clothing and get-ready-with-me videos.

Marlena Stell, famously known as, is the owner/designer of makeupgeek cosmetics. Since her beginnings, she has reviewed high-end products as well as drugstore ones. She gives tips on healthy eating and exercises. She makes plus-size fashion videos, too. All at her own expense. Her makeup line is very affordable, trendy, and of top-notch quality. Her makeup line includes eyeshadows, pigments, blushes, brushes and has collaborated with other bloggers like KathleenLights and MannyMUA.

Hollie Forrest, who also calls herself hollieeatslipstick, is a young woman from Southern California. Hollie is a lip balm reviewer. She has a complete lip balm collection on YT. She does reviews on every newly released lip balm product there is from brands like lip smackers, EOS, Chapstick, Revos, etc. She does empties and favorite products videos too. So, if you are a lip balm fanatic. You must check her channel.

Platinum D is a southern woman from Dallas, Texas. Badassplatinum was her original username on YT. She has a beautiful Texican accent and is a woman of color. Platinum constantly reviews underrated makeup brands like, Nicka K, Ruby Kisses, and Kiss which are only available at urban beauty supply stores. She is not afraid to review, test, try any makeup brand, no matter the price, for her subscribers. In her channel, you can find many discount codes from different brands. She does fashion try-on videos, and makeup makeovers on others as well. Platinum is a professional makeup artist.

Andrea Mantillano: Andrea's channel is very complete. She does anti-haul videos, subscription services unboxing videos, makeup organization, and solutions videos, favorites, empties, tutorials, plus-size fashion videos, vlogging videos, etc. She is very well-spoken and has a positive attitude. She is a truly American sweetheart and a down to earth person. Her reviews are very detailed, easy to follow, and filled with positivism. Her channel is a must watch.

DulceCandy87: Dulce has been on YT since 2009. She is an Army veteran. She's constantly uploading what's new in life videos in where she's very honest with her subscribers. She has an extensive collection of makeup. Her makeup tutorials are very impressive, easy to follow, and outrageously gorgeous. She majored in fashion designing. Her channel is also filled with positive messages for young women with families. Dulce also makes videos in Spanish.

In conclusion, I hope that you follow these beauty bloggers on YouTube, or at least check them out, if you are new in the search for unbiased beauty tips and reviews.