Under the Influence... of Writer's Block
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Under the Influence... of Writer's Block

I don't have writer's block, I just love staring at a screen for hours

Under the Influence... of Writer's Block

Writer’s block to writers is what kryptonite is to superman. A writer can simply not function when words and creativity are not flowing as naturally as they should be. Based on logical statistics, It is safe to say that everyone has experienced writer’s block at least 100 times in their life. It comes in many forms which means that writers have to be prepared to face its many personas.

1. Yawn, Close Eyes, and Repeat

This kind of writer’s block usually happens in school when an essay is assigned and there is no changing the syllabus, so you’re stuck with a topic that you would rather not write about. You attempt to write the introduction, but halfway through it becomes more boring and the idea of taking a nap gets better as time ticks away. Often when there is a lack of passion, it becomes difficult to create any thoughts for the paper.


Try treating the topic like it is something you’re interested in. Sounds stupid, but sometimes pretending or just being sarcastic can help accomplish things. Treat this kind of writer’s block like that person you see at work or at school every day that gets on your last nerve, but you keep smiling at them anyways.

2. Brain Overflow

Not being able to write is not always from not having any ideas, sometimes there are too many, making it hard to narrow down what you want to say. This can occur with a research paper where you choose the subject or in creative writing. Before you know it, dwelling on all the ideas you have ends up taking more time than the writing process itself.


Get a piece of paper and make a web or a list of your ideas to organize the vision of your writing. Then, force yourself to choose one idea and make sure it is something you can commit to. If you can find a way to connect multiple ideas, go for it, just as long as it makes sense.

3. Red Light, Green Light!

In this case, your brain will freeze for a moment then come up with something, then suddenly freeze again. It’s kind of like a mental roller-coaster because your brain is going up and down. It can be the most frustrating form of writer’s block.


You could always keep writing and read what you have so far as you wait for your brain to charge up again. But, if it gets too annoying then try taking a break. Consider bringing a notebook or keeping notes open on your phone, just in case you come up with a good line or phrase while you’re away from your paper.

4. Writing Hibernation

Even Shakespeare went on vacation from time to time when he really needed to. While on vacation or over breaks, sometimes laziness sets in and relaxing is all you can think about. Once it is over, you try to write again and it feels like you forgot how since creativity isn’t coming to you as quickly as before. It becomes hard to get yourself back into the motions of writing.


Look back at previous works to review your writing style. From there, all you really can do is write. Weather it is for school or something less formal like a poem, just free write to get back into the habit and worry about structure later on.

5. "I'm a Bad Writer" Syndrome

This is definitely the worst because without confidence writing just doesn’t seem worth it. A bad grade or a negative critique can lead to blank pages and empty inspiration.


When in doubt, ask yourself this question: Does writing make me happy? If the answer is yes, never stop writing. If writing is important to you and has given you the kind of happiness you cannot live without, keep filling up those blank pages and always seek inspiration. There is no goal called perfection, so not everything you write will be perfect, but persistence is a legitimate goal and it will keep you moving forward till you reach your beautiful, flawed masterpiece.

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