Love is not only something you do, it’s a lens that lets you see the world in a new light. If we want to live like Jesus we must first learn to love like him.

Unconditional love is hard to come by. That’s caring for others without limitations, reservations or benefits to ourselves. In today’s world, it is uncommon to receive kindness without strings attached and that’s why we struggle to give ourselves up to vulnerability, accepting the risk of being hurt.

Jesus accepted and loved all people. Even those outcast by society, including tax-collectors, adulterers, the sick and dying, children, adults, those who believed in him and those who didn’t. Everyone.

We as humans are cursed to live imperfectly surrounded by the sin of the world. We are united in the consequences of our bad decisions but we don’t have to pay the price because he has already paid it in full.

In the old testament, the price of sin is death. A sacrifice of your most perfect cow, not the one you could afford to lose or the second best but the one that hurt you to lose it.

Jesus was our perfect loss. He was the only one who could die for our sins because he was sinless. He sacrificed himself so that we could live on. Not only that but he died an unfair, horrible death.

Jesus was whipped with a flagrum that consisted of pieces of metal and bone attached to thick leather.

His skin was ripped from his back, his beard plucked and his scalp pierced with a crown of thorns.

He was forced to carry his own cross, that likely weighed over 100 pounds, up a mountain, a distance that may have been over the distance of two football fields.

He lied on the cross as they drilled spikes about 7 inches long and 3/8 an inch in diameter into his wrists.

He was mocked, spit on and cursed but he accepted it all and he did not fight back.

He would have to push his body up by his feet to allow himself to breathe and as the body weakened, that became impossible and the pain became unbearable.

In the end, a combination of immense blood loss and suffocation would lead to death.

Now as much as I try to live my life in service to others, I think it would be really hard for me to agree to do this just to save the exact people who were trying to kill me. He did not die for us as to make us feel guilty or feel the need to pay him back but that is how much HE LOVES.

Now, this is the type of love I’m talking about. I’m not saying we need to die to be a loving person but that we should live a life of sacrifice, forgiveness, humbleness, and servitude to others.

Jesus gave us his heart, it is within us now. We can never love too much, care too much or give too much. Each and every day we have the opportunity to live a life like Jesus and reach out to others in unconditional love. It is up to us to take action.