UNC Finals Week Distractions 101
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UNC Finals Week Distractions 101

Go on an adventure, instead of on Sakai!!!

UNC Finals Week Distractions 101

All of us Tar Heels know that Finals Week is real rough to say the least, and we're always looking for some fun distractions to get out of studying for a couple of hours. So, here's a few friendly distractions peeps...

1. Maple View Ice Cream Shop

So, me and my roommates all discovered this. It's in the boonies my friends, but it's totally worth the out of way drive, and it a great adventure with ice cream at the end of it. From Eggnog to Carolina Crunch to Rainbow Sherbet, there is a bomb flavor for everyone here. I order 3 different scoops, and it was more like 8 scoops for just $5 ladies and gents.

2. The Egg & I

My bestie and I went here on the 1st Reading Day, and it's a quick drive or scooter ride (possibly even bus stop but I'm not sure) from UNC's campus on 54. They have some good waffles for those of us on the struggle bus without a waffle maker, and they even have a holiday menu of good eats everyone.

3. Friendly Pets

This is a bit of a drive, but my roomies from last year and I discovered this place while I was going to HPU. It's in Greensboro at Friendly Center Mall, but we couldn't stop going once we found out about it. You actually get to go and play with puppies, cats, ferrets, birds, chinchillas, rabbits, or any reptile imaginable FOR FREE!!!! All you need is your ID and to sign a quick waiver thing once you get there, and you can play with puppies or kittens for 30 minutes to forget about finals.

4. Insomnia Cookies (I mean obviously...)

Insomnia Cookies on Franklin Street is a work of art my friends, and never fear they deliver until 3 AM...'nough said.

5. Hit up Tanger Outlets in Mebane, NC

The Mebane/Burlington, North Carolina area is a little bit of a trek, but after you've played with puppies why not take advantage of some good deals and fulfill your retail therapy needs? If you don't have a car, though, or you're not trying to dish out a lot of money on gas NEVER FEAR because Southpoint Mall is just as good and much closer y'all.

6. Take unnecessary quizzes on BuzzFeed, because why not?

7. Clean a ridiculous amount

Vacuum, dust, wash and dry every dish, clean your bathroom, clean anything to avoid studying, because we all know it's a real thing

8. Write out your entire Christmas Break schedule day-by-day...and your Spring Break too because neither can come quick enough!

Whether you're going home for the holidays or going to one of your rich family member's vacation homes for Christmas or you want to do some research on exotic places like Cancun for Spring Break, go for it!

9. Online shop

Honestly, this is my greatest weakness. I've probably looked at American Eagle Outfitters website 20 times this week, not to mention researching new restaurants on Yelp to try out so I don't have to cook or exert any effort in obtaining food in any way this week.

10. Start a new show on Netflix

I just started watching Private Practice, because I'm eternally annoyed that Addison still has not come back to Grey's Anatomy...and I'm trying to avoid studying for Marine Science.

11. Go to the Festival of Lights at Tanglewood Park

If you're really getting in the Christmas mood, this is like heaven on Earth for all of you lovers of Christmas!!! #itslit

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