The Ultimate UCSB Bucket List
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Student Life

The Ultimate UCSB Bucket List

15 must do's before graduation.

The Ultimate UCSB Bucket List

UCSB is the epitome of the ultimate “college experience”- that is, if it’s done correctly. UCSB is more than just frat parties, close friends, and caffeine filled all nighters. From one gaucho to another, I challenge all freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and especially seniors of UCSB, to utilize their school for all it has to offer. Before graduating, make sure you get the chance to:

1. Participate in the Undie-Run.

Have some scandalous fun while participating in a good cause. It doesn’t get much better than that!

2. Jump off the Goleta pier.

And if you can't swim, don't worry! Beach side schools always carry life jackets.

3. Go sky diving.

And group discounts are available:

4. Skinny dip in the ocean.

You live right by the ocean..use it!

5. See the sunrise at Campus Point.

And while you're there, walk the Labyrinth too

6. Go to the top of Stork Tower.

Trust me, the view is worth it.

7. Eat at every place in Isla Vista at least once.

Now I don't just mean Freebirds, Hana Kitchen, or Woodstock's Pizza. We're talking Pho Bistro, Deja Vu, and even Otaco.

8. Learn to surf.

When else in your life are you going to live 30 seconds from the water?

9. Hook up on the 8th floor of Davidson Library.

OK so this might not be for everyone but hear me out- There are some beautiful views on the 8th floor!

10. Go paddle boarding.

11. Spend the night under the stars

Grab some friends and head down to a quiet spot on the beach for some fresh air and prime star gazing.

12. Avoid the hook-up culture and go on a real date.

I'd recomment Arigato Sushi on State Street.

13. Eat at Freebirds past 12:00 a.m.

Trust me, it tastes so much better after 12.

14. Participate in the IV "loop."

Share a pitcher of beer at all the places around Embarcadero Loop that serve alcohol!

15. Watch a movie at the drive-in.

Load up your car with snacks, sodas, blankets, and enjoy!

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