Music is inarguably one of the greatest aspects of life and, in my opinion, the purest form of communication. Finding a song that puts your emotions into words might just be the best feeling in the world; it validates that you are not alone. In my experience, popular songs on the radio often lack meaning or emotion, but if they do, then excessive production overshadows it.

I honestly cannot remember a time that a top 40's songs has elicited raw emotion. My theory is that popular songs become popular because of these three things: The lyrics are vague enough to apply to anyone, the lyrics are repetitive so that they are easily remembered or the beat and rhythm are simple yet dramatic to keep the listener's attention.

I love those popular songs when I can sing along carelessly with friends or dance in my room by myself, but my favorite moments with music come from friends introducing me to unfamiliar songs, coming across an insanely talented new band/artist that I get to keep as my little secret, or when lyrics make me think and feel.

Indie music is the genre that gets my head spinning and heart racing; whether I am simply confused with how someone could hit such a high note or create that track or so eloquently sing my emotions that I didn't even know I had or adding a clever or creative twist to a classic.

If you want a truly unexpected, emotionally charged and intelligently created music moment here is your ultimate guide to the ultimate indie experience. This compilation has those songs that you can sing or dance to but also those you can listen to in admiration and utter awe. Here are 35 of the best of the best indie creations.

1. "#88" by Lo-Fang

2. "Open Arms" by RKCB

3. "Live Well" by Palace

4. "Girls Your Age" by Tranviolet

5. "Tokyo Sunrise" by LP

6. "Into the Wild" by Lewis Watson

7. "Love Somebody" by St. Lucia

8. "Ocean Eyes" (Astronomyy Edit) by Billie Eilish

9. "Just Tell Me" by Nico Yaryan

10. "Alaska" by Maggie Rogers

11. "Colors" by The Head and the Heart

12. "Hurts" So Good by Astrid

13. "Hurt Me" by Lapsley

14. "Wild Heart" by the Bleachers

15. "Trouble" by Cage The Elephant

16. "Wide Eyes" by Local Natives

17. "Sound & Color" by Alabama Shakes

18. "1957" by Milo Greene

19. "Naked" by James TW

20. "Sexual" by NEIKED

21. " Sex" by eden

22. " Until We Get There" by Lucius

23. " Your Love Is an Island" by Talos

24. " Underdressed" by VERITE

25. " Monster Lead Me Home" by Sara Hartman

26. " Can't Fight It" by Oh Mercy

27. " Arm's Length" by Kacy Hill

28. " One Last Night" by Vaults

29. " Hello My Old Heart" by The Oh Hellos

30. " Oceans" by Coasts

31. " Waves-Tame Impala Remix" by Miguel

32. "The Less I Know The Better" by Tame Impala

33. "Sunshine-The Knocks" Remix by POWERS

34. "Lovesick" by Banks

35. "Youth" by Glass Animals

You can check out all of these Spotify songs here!

P.S. If you know the movie I am referencing in the subtitle, you are a musical genius.